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News video games 30 August 2021, 13:23

author: Adrian Werner

Aliens: Fireteam Elite and Destiny 2 Go Hot on Steam

In the past week, Steam users mainly bought expansions for Destiny 2 and Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Naraka: Bladepoint is still doing very well.

  1. Destiny 2 resurfaced to the top on Steam thanks to the announcement of the next expansion;
  2. Successful debuts of Aliens: Fireteam Elite and Psychonauts 2;
  3. Naraka: Bladepoint still on a roll.

As every Monday, the list the previous week's biggest (by revenue) Steam bestsellers was released. Compared to the previous list, quite a few things have changed. The best-selling item was Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Bungie 30th Anniversary Bundle. It's a pre-order of the special edition of the next expansion for the popular online shooter combined with the so-called Bungie 30th Anniversary Bundle, which includes a new dungeon and unique items.

The top spot on the bestseller list comes as no surprise, as the expansion was announced last week, and the project's reveal was received enthusiastically by the fans. This also resulted in Destiny 2: Legendary Edition, a bundle of all expansions for the game, taking the tenth place on the list. This edition is currently discounted by 50%, so apparently gamers have decided to take advantage of this opportunity to catch up before the release of The Witch Queen.

The second biggest bestseller of the past week was the co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam Elite, which debuted last Thursday. The game met with a very warm reception - 85% of user reviews on Steam are positive. What's important, last weekend the game's popularity was greater than on the day of release - yesterday's activity record was 15,568 people. This bodes well for the future of the project, as many games have good debuts, and keep losing players after that.

Also Naraka: Bladepoint is doing better and better. This network battle royale game admittedly fell from second to third place in the bestseller list, but this is not surprising, because it costs just around $20, while Aliens: Fireteam Elite $40 and Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Bungie 30th Anniversary Bundle around $100.

It is worth noting the fact that Naraka remains on an upward wave - yesterday the game set a new activity record with 123,156 people. This is all the more impressive given that the title debuted three weeks ago, so it's clear that players have stayed with the game for longer.

Humankind is doing worse. The game has fallen on the bestseller list from the first to the fifth place. It seems, however, that the developers managed to at least stop the outflow of players. Since the launch, daily activity records have been steadily decreasing, but this trend has been stopped and even slightly reversed in recent days. This is largely thanks to the patch released last week, which fixed many of the most serious bugs.

Finally, it is worth noting the successful debut of Psychonauts 2 and the return to the top ten of Battlefield V, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, which is due to attractive discounts on these three titles on Steam.

The biggest Steam hits of the past week (by revenue):




Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Bungie 30th Anniversary Bundle


Aliens: Fireteam Elite


Naraka: Bladepoint


Psychonauts 2




Battlefield V


Valve Index VR Kit


Cyberpunk 2077


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Game of the Year Edition)


Destiny 2: Legendary Edition

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