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News hardware & software 12 May 2020, 11:10

author: Kuszu

Basic PS5 May be More Expensive Than Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5 in its basic version may cost more than Xbox Series X in a similar configuration. However, this information has not yet been confirmed in any way by Sony.

PS5 may debut in two variants.
  1. The PS5 may cost more than $100 more than the Xbox Series X;
  2. According to the rumors, the long-awaited Sony console will debut in two versions;
  3. The basic one is to offer 825 GB of built-in storage and the extended model (called premium), 1.65 TB.

The latest leaks suggest that the highly-ancipated basic version of next-gen console PlayStation 5 will cost much more than its competitor, the Xbox Series X. Reddit has also reported two PS5 starter kits - a basic and premium one, which will vary in price by over $100. The former, which is to cost USD 540 on the American market, is to be equipped with an 825 GB SSD, and the latter, priced at USD 650, will offer 1.65 TB.

The basic version of the Xbox Series X is expected to be $100 cheaper than the basic PS5. At least that's what industry analyst Michael Pachter says. So it would mean that the device prepared by Microsoft could cost about 400 dollars . However, it should be clearly stated that Sony and Microsoft have not confirmed the prices of their new consoles so far, so all information is based on predictions and rumors. Let's recall that both consoles will go on sale at the end of this year. More information about PlayStation 5 will be revealed during a presentation scheduled for the first half of June.

  1. Sony - official website
  2. Microsoft - official website
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