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News video games 14 March 2019, 14:47

author: Bart Swiatek

Borderlands' Devs Announce New Game on PAX East

Gearbox Software will announce more than one game during the upcoming PAX East event in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to the third installment of Borderlands, the developers are also working on a mysterious title, which probably has something to deal

Borderlands Devs Announce New Game on PAX East - picture #1
Gearbox is working on one more title.

It seems that Gearbox Software - the studio responsible for, among other things, the great Borderlands series, but also much less successful Aliens: Colonial Marines - will announce another game during the PAX East event (it will take place in Boston on March 28-31). Interestingly, this is the second title of the developer, which will be presented during the event (the first one most likely being Borderlands 3).

What can the mysterious production be? In fact, it doesn't resemble any game created by Gearbox Software up to date. Maybe it's about Project 1vs1, which was revealed in 2017, and we haven't had the opportunity to see it in action yet, but it can't be ruled out that it's something completely different. The first illustration suggests that the title may have something in common with robots and have a slightly exaggerated artistic style - but without resorting to cel-shadinf. A connection with humanoid machines is also indicated by the developer's subsequent tweets in this thread (published in response to images posted by others).

Is it possible that the company is preparing a completely new brand? If so, we can only hope that it will be better than the developer's last IP, Battleborn. Published in May 2016, the network shooter with MOBA elements turned out to be a complete flop. One year after the release, the creators had to switch to free-to-play model to try to save the game, but even this move failed to turn the tide - in September 2017 it was decided to cease the development of the game.

  1. Gearbox Software - official website
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