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News video games 08 November 2019, 11:16

author: Adrian Werner

Death Stranding Launches

Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima launches today on PlayStation 4. Additionally, some interesting calculations of the size of the virtual world available in this title have appeared around the web.

Only PlayStation 4 owners can play Death Stranding for the time being.

We have finally seen the launch of Death Stranding, the latest game by Hideo Kojima. The production was released exclusively on PlayStation 4. The PC edition is also planned, but we will not wait for it until the next spring.

The game met with a warm reception from the industry media. According to Metacritic, Death Stranding has an average rating of 83%. Most reviews are rull of admiration for Kojima's latest work, although there are also some weaker reviews. Our editor liked the production very much, giving it a9.0/10.

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We waited a long time for Death Stranding, as the game was announced in 2016. Yesterday we wrote about a graphic comparison, which juxtaposes the materials available before the launch with fragments of the actual game. It turns out that the final product does not differ much from what was shown during the last three years during various conferences and presentations.

Size of maps in the game

On the occasion of the launch, an interesting article was published by PowerPyx, which analyzed the size of the game world. In Death Stranding there are three open-structured maps waiting to be explored. The fun begins in the eastern region of the United States. This is the smallest location, but it still takes about 20 minutes to run from one end to the other.

Episodes 3-8 take place in the Central Region, which is 3-4 times bigger than the Eastern Region. This is the largest of the maps and the route from one end to the other takes about 40 minutes. Unfortunately, the PowerPyx editors have not yet managed to make similar measurements of the third map, representing the western part of the United States.

Source: PowerPyx.
Source: PowerPyx.
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Death Stranding

Death Stranding

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