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News Files and Mods 15 March 2022, 14:47

Duel of Modders in Elden Ring; Hard Mode Versus Easy Mode

Elden Ring's difficulty level is a matter of debate. Some people find the game too easy, while others get frustrated after one lost duel after another. Fortunately, the modding scene does not disappoint and everyone can find a mod for themselves.

The debate on the difficulty level of Elden Ring is sure to go on for years. For some, the latest game by FromSoftware is too difficult, while other players were hoping for a greater challenge. Fortunately, the modding scene does not disappoint and both types of gamers will find mods for themselves.

Modders change gameplay balance in Elden Ring

The first modification we can find on our server is Easy Mode For Elden Ring. As the name suggests, it is aimed at people who do not want to see the words "You died" on their screen every now and then or simply think that the level of difficulty is so high that it spoils the fun.

Mod created by user odashikonbu not only reduces received damage by half, but also increases attack power by 1/4 of the original value. That's not all - the number of received runes increases 10 times, which can make our character extremely powerful in a short time.

Prepare To Die (Hard Mode) is in turn something for the veterans of the soulslike genre, who like challenges. Changes in this modification are a bit more detailed. It increases the damage, defense and resistance of enemies to the level of the New Game Plus mode, which in practice means a quadrupling of these stats. At the same time, health and stamina points remain at the same level. That's not all - the author of the mod, one Silentverge02, wrote that the AI of enemies has also been improved.

Warning: This mod is extremely difficult. It is not intended for the faint of heart or players who rage quit - reads the mod description.

"(...) enemies will see and hear you from much further now. They will look for you longer and harder when they hear you. When going for a backstab while undetected, enemies can hear you right behind them. (be quick about it :P," wrote the creator.

In addition to the changes regarding enemies, the author has revamped the fast travel system a bit. Using places of grace is no longer possible. Only churches and cathedrals offer such a function.

"I got sick of seeing all of these "easy mode" mods being pumped out every other day so I made this mod instead," revealed the creator.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

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