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News video games 30 April 2022, 20:40

author: Adrian Werner

In March Steam Was Shaken by Smaller Games

March was another month rich in releases on Steam. In particular, smaller productions such as Core Keeper, Hero's Hour and ANNO: Mutationem did well.

Valve has published a list of the biggest releases of March 2022 on Steam. The criterion was the revenue generated within two weeks of the debut.

In the past month, there was no shortage of long-awaited big releases - titles such as WWE 2K22, Ghostwire: Tokyo or Elex 2.

There were also many surprises from the indie scene. The biggest of them turned out to be Core Keeper and Hero's Hour. Reasons to be happy also have the creators of The Planet Crafter, Tunic and Midnight Ghost Hunt.

It is worth noting the success of Coromon. This low-budget clone of Pokemon not only sells well, but also received a warm welcome (on Steam 84% of reviews are positive), which shows how great is the demand on PC for good games from this category.

Traditionally no specific sales figures were revealed or even the proper order of the titles on the list. That is why we have added the following to the list estimated data from the paid version of SteamSpy. Unfortunately, they can be very inaccurate, but it's better than nothing.

SoulWorker was placed on the first place, but this is due to the fact that the game was available in Early Access for a long time. It must have generated a lot of revenue in March, though, since it made it into the top 20.

The biggest game launches in March on Steam



Number of owners as estimated by SteamSpy:



1.2 million (free-to-play game, previously available in Early Access)


Core Keeper

568 thousand.


Hero's Hour

282 thousand.


ANNO: Mutationem

203 thousand.


WWE 2K22

133 thousand.


Ghostwire: Tokyo

124 thousand.


The Planet Crafter

193 thousand.



188 thousand.


Elex 2

118 thousand.


Midnight Ghost Hunt

117 thousand.



100 thousand.


Weird West

71 thousand.


Have a Nice Death

65 thousand.


Shadow Warrior 3

52 thousand.


Death Stranding: Director's Cut

50 thousand.


Distant Worlds 2

47 thousand.


Persona 4: Arena Ultimax

46 thousand


Animal Shelter Simulator

43 thousand.


Airborne Kingdom

25 thousand.


Lust Theory - Season 1

no data

The biggest DLC releases in March on Steam

SteamSpy does not provide data for DLCs, so the following order is random:

  1. X4: Tides of Avarice
  2. Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void
  3. Dead by Daylight - Sadako Rising Chapter
  4. Assetto Corsa Competizione - Challengers Pack
  5. DCS: AH-64D

March was a good month for DLCs. X4: Tides of Avarice and Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void proved to be powerful DLCs which were well received by the communities of their respectable games. Also Dead by Daylight - Sadako Rising Chapter met with a warm reception, which introduced to the game elements connected with the Japanese horror film series The Ring.

More controversial turned out to be the DCS: AH-64D expansion. Its presence in the top 5 March DLCs, however, is not surprising, because this expansion is quite pricey, and the list - I remind you - was created according to the revenue.

March's biggest F2P launches (by concurrent player count)

Valve also released an additional list, including the most popular F2P game launches in March. In this case, the criterion was the number of concurrent users. We've sorted the following list according to a game's overall activity record (obtained from SteamDB estimates), not just the one achieved last month, as this gives a better idea of the level of success a particular production has had on Steam.



Current activity record according to SteamDB:


Aperture Desk Job



Tap Ninja - Idle game






The one who pulls out the sword will be crowned king



Prison Life


It's not clear why the list doesn't include SoulWorker, because in March it achieved better activity results than Prison Life.

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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