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News video games 16 August 2021, 11:01

author: Adrian Werner

Naraka: Bladepoint Goes Hot on Steam

Naraka: Bladepoint is taking Steam by storm. The game was last week's biggest bestseller, and the number of people playing it is breaking records day by day.

  1. Excellent debut of Naraka: Bladepoint;
  2. High sales of Back 4 Blood pre-orders, despite a mixed reception of the open beta version;
  3. Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 with the best debut in the brand's history.

As every Monday, Valvereleased a list of the biggest (by revenue) Steam bestsellers of the previous week. Once again, the list brought a lot of news. The leader of sales turned out to be Naraka: Bladepoint, a network battle royale game that debuted last Thursday. The title also took fourth place in the list. This is due to the fact that Valve counts each edition separately. Unfortunately, it was not given which one took which position.

At the hottest moment of the release day the game was played by over 50 thousand people on Steam. Importantly, the activity record was higher each subsequent day. Yesterday it reached 86,136 players simultaneously. This bodes very well for Naraka: Bladepoint's future. Many releases, even those that land at the top of the bestseller list, get their best results within the first 24 hours of their debut. Here, however, we can see that the game's popularity is gradually growing.

In second place was taken by preorders of Back 4 Blood, which topped the list last week. Open beta is currently underway, but the reception has been mixed. On Steam, only 57% of players rated the beta version positively. As you can see, however, this does not prevent the game from being a sales hit.

Third place went to Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. The project had a very successful debut - as many as 94% of user reviews on Steam are positive, which the service categorizes as "very positive reception". Yesterday the game set a new activity record at the level of 22,561 people. This result is almost three times higher than that of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.

It's also worth mentioning that preorders of Humankind are selling very well - this turn-based strategy from Amplitude, in the style of Civilization, took the sixth place on the bestseller list. The title will launch tomorrow. In addition, thanks to an attractive discount, Doom Eternal returned to the top ten, specifically the Deluxe Edition, which offers the base game with all expansions.

The biggest Steam hits of the past week (by revenue):




Naraka: Bladepoint


Back 4 Blood (pre-order)


Car Mechanic Simulator 2021


Naraka: Bladepoint


Valve Index VR Kit


Humankind (pre-order)


It Takes Two


Doom Eternal (Deluxe Edition)


Tribes of Midgard


Grand Theft Auto V

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