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News video games 13 May 2020, 09:46

author: Bart Swiatek

PlayStation Studios - Sony's New Publishing Brand Launches With PS5

Sony will create a new publishing label, PlayStation Studios, for first party titles, i.e. games created by or in cooperation with the internal studios of the Japanese giant.

We will see this logo in some PS5 games.


  1. Sony will establish PlayStation Studios, a label under which all first party titles (created by internal studios or in collaboration with them) will be released;
  2. The brand will launch together with the PS5.

Sony will create the new brand - PlayStation Studios, under which the company's developers such as Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Guerrilla Games and Media Molecule will unite. The Japanese company has announced that the 'brand' will be launched with the launch of PlayStation 5, and a short video has been released showing the logo (see below).

"Over the last few years -- and even the last decade -- the strength of the titles coming out from our studios has been stronger than ever. We have been thinking about how we unite all of these great games under one brand, and really the purpose of that is to make the consumer understand that, when they see this brand, they're getting ready for a robust, innovative, deep experience that they've come to expect from games coming from PlayStation. So we came up with PlayStation Studios," said Eric Lempel, responsible for global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, for

Interestingly, the PlayStation Studios brand can also be used for titles released on other platforms, and there is talk of possible future games - the the PC edition of Horizon Zero Dawn, will not feature the logo yet, but subsequent ports of this type will have it (of course, if they are created).

We will also see the PlayStation Studios logo in productions that are being developed by a third-party companies but in collaboration with developers working for Sony.

"If our studios are managing the production of these games and working with an external developer, it will still come out under the PlayStation Studios brand. It doesn't mean that we outright own the developer, but it just means we brought it up as a first-party. In a lot of cases we don't own the developer," added Lempel.

  1. Sony - official website
  2. PlayStation 5 - official website
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