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News video games 20 May 2021, 21:16

Starfield Will be at E3, but Launch is Still a Long Way Off, Claims Jason Schreier

Jason Schreier assured that we will see a trailer of Starfield at E3 2021, but the game's release is still far away. At the same time, Jeff Grubb stated that Elden Ring and Hellblade 2 will not appear during the show.

The E3 2021 trade fair is getting closer and closer, so it's no wonder that more and more reports about it are appearing online. Well-known Bloomberg journalist, Jason Schreier, referring to people involved in the development of Starfield, convinces that at the June show we'll see a trailer of the upcoming space RPG from Bethesda Softworks. Another well-known person in the industry, Jeff Grubb, informed in turn, that we will not learn anything new at the fair regarding such highly anticipated titles as Elden Ring or Hellblade II: Senua's Saga.

Schreier's reports seem to be interesting in that the journalist believes that Starfield will not come out in 2021, and the show at E3 is only to maintain the interest of players. The American argues as follows:

"What people might not realize is that the bulk of Bethesda Game Studios, including the MD office, was working on Fallout 76 until it launched. Starfield's team was very small until 2019. Rumors that the game was planned for 2020 or far into production then are just not true" (via Twitter).

Starfield's show at E3 seems quite certain - after all, in recent weeks there have been a lot of rumors about the game, including the one that Microsoft has planned a marketing campaign for Bethesda's new game. We also saw a handful of screenshots. Lack of release in 2021 would be a slight disappointment, especially since the previous rumors suggested the launch of the title before this year's Holidays.

Why would Microsoft be advertising Starfield? For two reasons. Firstly, the company acquired ZeniMax Media, which owns the devs of Skyrim. Secondly, the companies have announced today that they will be making a single presentation at E3 2021. Thus, Starfield's trailer grows to be a must-have point of their show. Who knows, maybe we'll even learn something about The Elder Scrolls VI?

And when it comes to Elden Ring, Jeff Grubb is basically sure that we will not see From Software's game at the Xbox conference, which probably means that we shouldn't expect a it at any other presentation as well. The journalist is not entirely convinced about the latter and, as he admits, he would like to be wrong, but there is a good chance that the trailer will be presented only during August's GamesCom 2021 (as allegedly caused by the game's March leak). This would agree with the information from Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, according to which the new work of the Dark Souls devs will launch in April 2022 at the earliest.

The issue of Hellblade II: Senua's Saga looks slightly different. Jeff Grubb thinks that the game will not appear at E3, because the only thing Microsoft and Ninja Theory could show is another CGI trailer. Microsoft, on the other hand, is supposed to want to present real gameplay, and the company does not want its conference to be dominated by content that may have nothing to do with the final shape of the game.

Finally, the good news - by this time next month, the E3 2021 will have ended, and as a result, we'll hopefully have become a tad wiser. As a reminder, this year's show will take place entirely online. from June 12-15.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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