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News movies & tv series 12 October 2020, 20:01

author: Adrian Werner

The Boys Creator Has Plans for 5 Seasons

Showrunner of The Boys revealed that he has ideas for the story until the fifth season. He also answered some fan questions.

A few days ago, the eighth and final episode of the second season of The Boys was released . On Twitter, Eric Kripke, the creator of the series, answered a number of fan questions, so we learned a lot about the future of the brand.

The third season of The Boys was announced before the second one even started. It turns out that the creators have even more plans. Kripke admitted that he has enough ideas to produce a total of five seasons. However, the producer stressed that he did not want to make a declaration that it would end there, as his previous work, Supernatural, was also planned for five years, but eventually ended up having fifteen seasons.

The chances for Kripke's plans to come true are very good. This year's episodes of The Boys are as popular as Netflix hits and the series should have no problems with surviving to the fifth season. It's worth explaining that the TV adaptation is quite loose in its approach to the comic book original, so the analysis of the original doesn't allow to assess how long the adaptation will last.


Kripke's next answers concern the just finished second season. They are interesting, but full of spoilers, so if you haven't seen all the episodes so far, we advise you to finish reading here.

When asked what he regrets the most, Kripke recalled a scene from the fourth episode of the second season. In it, the hero having the power to change his body transforms into a copy of Homelander and proposes a fellatio to the original Homelander. This proposition costs him his life. The producer said it's a pity they didn't go all the way, because the final lack of oral sex in this episode was a wasted opportunity.

Kripke also confirmed that Stormfront survived the finale of the second season and we can expect her to return in future episodes.

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