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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla news and interesting facts

AC Valhalla is a Perfect Example of Problematic Live-service Game

Hubert Sledziewski, 27 July 2023, 14:18

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla players face a problem that very often recurs in the context of live-service games. They suffer from a lack of content, formerly offered as part of seasonal events.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Support Ends

Agnes Adamus, 21 February 2023, 12:50

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will receive patch 1.7.0, which will end the game's development. The update will fix the last bugs present in the title.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Won Grammy; Announcer Struggles With Title

Adrian Werner, 06 February 2023, 11:35

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Dawn of Ragnarok has won the first-ever Grammy Award for Best Video Game Music. A funny incident took place during the gala.

AC Valhalla Screenwriter Explains What Happened to the Ending

Jacob Blazewicz, 15 December 2022, 15:47

What happened to Eivor after the recent events of Assassin's Creed Valhalla? That's the question fans asked the main screenwriter.

No Plans for the Weekend? Play AC Valhalla for Free

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 14 December 2022, 12:52

This weekend (from December 15 to 19) you will be able to play Assassin's Creed: Valhalla for free. An event is also being launched, during which you can unlock special items in the game.

Will AC: Valhalla Finally Satisfy Steam Players? Ubisoft to Analyze the Situation

Hubert Sledziewski, 13 December 2022, 16:42

The lack of Steam achievements in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla continues to annoy the gamers. Ubisoft promises to analyze the problem. Meanwhile, an Internet user complains about the French company's practices.

AC Valhalla has No Steam Achievements and it's Hard to Understand Why

Jacob Blazewicz, 08 December 2022, 13:38

Assassin's Creed Valhalla did not follow the example of its predecessor. Thus, we will not earn any achievements in this game on Steam.

AC Valhalla Steam Deck (Steam Edition) - Does It Work

Damian Gacek, 07 December 2022, 14:20

In this article, we will try to answer the question of whether Assassin's Creed Valhalla works on Steam Deck.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Finally on Steam and Already Discounted

Agnes Adamus, 06 December 2022, 22:56

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla made its debut on Steam today. On this occasion, a special promotion was prepared.

New Patch for AC Valhalla is Here; Brings AC Mirage Crossover

Hubert Sledziewski, 30 November 2022, 14:54

A week earlier than planned, patch 1.6.2 for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla has been released. It introduces a handful of changes and fixes, as well as free DLC titled The Last Chapter. It also gives us a preview of what awaits us in Assassin's Creed: Mirage.

It's Official: AC Valhalla and Other Ubisoft Games Return to Steam

Agnes Adamus, 21 November 2022, 23:18

Ubisoft returns to Steam. In early December, sales of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will begin on Valve's platform. In time, the same awaits Anno 1800 and other games from the French developer.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla May be Coming to Xbox Game Pass Soon

Adrian Werner, 13 November 2022, 16:29

It is quite possible that Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will soon be added to the catalog of games available in Game Pass. This is indicated by Microsoft store.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Coming to Steam, New Leak Suggests

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 04 November 2022, 13:54

New lines found in the code of Ubisoft's Connect platform suggest that Assassin's Creed: Valhalla may soon be coming to Steam.

Assassin's Creed Timeline Put Together by a Fan

Miriam Moszczynska, 20 September 2022, 16:18

An Assassin's Creed fan has arranged all the games in the series according to their place on the historical timeline. The gap between a certain two installments is striking.

AC: Valhalla's Final DLC Will Be Free

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 September 2022, 22:18

Players will say goodbye to Eivor and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla with its final DLC, to be released „in a few months”.

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Update 1.6.0; Check Out Forgotten Saga Mode

Hubert Sledziewski, 03 August 2022, 10:55

Patch 1.6.0 for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is now available for download. The update introduces the highly anticipated roguelike mode called Forgotten Saga.

Ubisoft’s World Domination - All Its Studios and Games on One Map

Hubert Sledziewski, 20 May 2022, 17:16

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six: Extraction, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, The Crew 2 - these are all Ubisoft games. The company's rich portfolio is due to having dozens of studios around the world. We presented them in one graphic.

Ubisoft+ Will Hit PlayStation; Dozens of Games Coming to PS Plus

Jacob Blazewicz, 16 May 2022, 16:10

Ubisoft will soon enrich the console service with its games. No, it's not about Game Pass, but PlayStation Plus, which will soon include the Ubisoft+ Classics subscription.

Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla - Assassin's Creed Size Comparison

Hubert Sledziewski, 26 April 2022, 16:43

The Assassin's Creed series keeps growing - both in terms of the number of installments and their size. Which title is the biggest? We checked it out.

1000 Hours Spent Completing All Assassin's Creed Games Without Getting Hit

Miriam Moszczynska, 19 April 2022, 12:53

Completing one game without receiving any damage is already impressive, but for a player known as Hayete it wasn't enough. He has completed all 12 major Assassin's Creed installments under the aforementioned limitation.

New AC: Valhalla Update Coming Today; Will Offer New Challenges and Improvements [UPDATED]

Przemyslaw Dygas, 19 April 2022, 10:55

Ubisoft has shared plans for the continued development of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. The game will receive two major updates full of new features in the coming months.

AC Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok Reviews - More of the Same With Extras

Dawid Wanat, 09 March 2022, 17:08

The first reviews of Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok have appeared. The expansion is getting mostly positive reviews and perhaps it will become the best addition to Valhalla.

AC Valhalla's Next Big Patch Will Improve Stealth System

Agnes Adamus, 21 February 2022, 20:20

Patch 1.5.0 for AC Valhalla will be available tomorrow. The patch will fix existing bugs, improve the stealth system, add a new difficulty level and prepare the groundwork for the Dawn of Ragnarok expansion.

AC: Valhalla Roadmap for Q1 2022; Free Weekend Approaching

Michael Zegar, 18 February 2022, 20:17

We have just learned the general development roadmap for AC: Valhalla in the coming weeks. In addition, we learned when players will be able to test the title for free.

AC: Valhalla Outperformed Odyssey, Ubisoft Reports

Adrian Werner, 18 February 2022, 10:36

According to Ubisoft's latest financial report, Assassin's Creed Valhalla earned over 70% more than AC Odyssey in the same time period after release. The company's CEO also commented on recent rumors of a spin-off stealth game.

Assassin's Creed Rumored to Get Smaller Stealth-focused Spin-off

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 February 2022, 19:27

The next Assassin's Creed will not be as huge as the latest installments of the series. Recent reports indicate that we are also in for more stealth.

AC Valhalla's Yule Fixed and Will Last Longer

Milosz Szubert, 07 January 2022, 13:17

Ubisoft has extended the Yule Feast event, which appeared in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla on Christmas Day, by three weeks. This is because players had problems joining it for a long time.

AC Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok's Map Will be 1/3 the Size of England

Przemyslaw Dygas, 14 December 2021, 12:17

Dawn of Ragnarok showcase provided us with a lot of interesting information. It turns out that the new expansion for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla can boast of scope that could put many full-fledged games to shame.

AC Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok - Ubisoft Confirms New DLCs

Agnes Adamus, 13 December 2021, 20:17

Ubisoft has announced two DLCs for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The first - Dawn of Ragnarök - will enable us to play as Odin. The second - Crossover Stories - will also come to AC Odyssey and will show us the connection between Eivor and Kassandra.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Third DLC on Leaked Screenshots

Adrian Werner, 12 December 2021, 20:38

Thanks to a mistake of a Chinese shop, first screenshots from the third expansion for AC: Valhalla and a lot of information about it leaked online. They confirm the mythological nature of the DLC.

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Update Will Force Us to Redownload the Entire Game

Jacob Blazewicz, 08 December 2021, 22:19

Update 1.4.1 for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will bring a lot of benefits to players. As long as they are willing to redownload the entire game from scratch.

Tom Henderson Claims AC: Valhalla Will Get a 40-hour DLC

Michal Ciezadlik, 07 December 2021, 18:12

According to well-known industry journalist Tom Henderson, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will receive an expansion next year that is expected to take around forty hours to complete.

Assassin's Creed Lead Writer Returns to Ubisoft

Hubert Sledziewski, 12 November 2021, 21:27

Seven and a half months - that's exactly how long Darby McDevitt's „divorce” with Ubisoft lasted. The narrative director of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and screenwriter of Black Flag and Revelations will return to work on the series and is „excited to continue the journey”.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Patch 1.4.0 Details - New Skills and Activities

Jacob Blazewicz, 08 November 2021, 18:29

Patch 1.4.0 for Assassin's Creed Valhalla will introduce Tombs of the Fallen, new abilities, and prepare players for the Wild Hunt.

AC: Valhalla Development Roadmap for 2021

Adrian Werner, 07 November 2021, 18:58

We've learned the development plans for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla for the rest of this year. These include two patches, new content and the Oskoreia Festival event.

AC: Valhalla is Earning a Lot of Money; Third DLC Inbound

Adrian Werner, 29 October 2021, 14:41

It took less than a year for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla to become the second most profitable game in Ubisoft's history. We also found out when we can expect the third DLC for this game.

Leak: Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Mythology and Magic in Next DLC

Jacob Blazewicz, 20 October 2021, 21:23

The third DLC for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla may return to the mythological themes known from expansions to previous installments.

Free Discovery Tour Mode Now Available in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Adrian Piotrowski, 19 October 2021, 20:15

Tradition had been done and Ubisoft has released the third part of the educational mode associated with the Assassin's Creed series.

AC: Valhalla Patch 1.3.2 Adds Discovery Tour Support and Numerous Fixes

Przemyslaw Dygas, 05 October 2021, 11:49

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will get another update today. Among the changes and fixes we can find support for the Discovery Tour mode.

AC: Valhalla Will Get a Lot of New Content This Fall

Milosz Szubert, 01 October 2021, 15:45

Ubisoft has revealed what's in store for fans of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla in the near future. Among other things, this fall they will be able to take part in the Oskoreia Festival, most likely featuring Halloween themes.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Discovery Tour Mode Coming Next Month

Hubert Sledziewski, 14 September 2021, 19:42

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will receive the Discovery Tour mode just like the previous two instalments of the series. It will be available next month.

AC: Valhalla With Harder Combat Option in Patch 1.3.1

Jacob Blazewicz, 06 September 2021, 20:57

Combat in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is about to become more challenging. Patch 1.3.1 will introduce - in addition to new content and fixes - the new nightmare difficulty level.

First Reviews and Launch Trailer for AC: Valhalla's Siege of Paris DLC

Michael Kulakowski, 11 August 2021, 20:56

The launch trailer for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Siege of Paris, which will be available on August 12, has appeared online. We also got to know the first reviews scores and opinions on the DLC.

AC Valhalla Used to Advertise Tourism

Adrian Werner, 10 August 2021, 17:12

The release of the Wrath of the Druids DLC for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla has become an opportunity to advertise tourism. An organization under the government of Northern Ireland spent almost 50 thousand euros for this purpose.

AC Valhalla's Upcoming DLC May Feature a Character From AC Odyssey

Hubert Sledziewski, 04 August 2021, 17:33

New information about unannounced DLC for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla appeared in the web. In one of them we may meet the protagonist of AC: Odyssey.

Ubisoft Removes Impossible Task From Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Miriam Moszczynska, 04 August 2021, 17:01

The Egghead Challenge in Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been temporarily removed due to bugs that made it impossible to complete. However, players need not fear for their reward - it will not be lost.

AC: Valhalla: Siege of Paris Release Date; Update 1.3.0 Inbound

Jacob Blazewicz, 26 July 2021, 19:10

We have learned the official release date of the Assassin's Creed: Valhalla: Siege of Paris expansion. The information was revealed on the occasion of presenting the contents of update 1.3.0.

Possible Release Date of AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Leaked

Patrick Kubiak, 24 July 2021, 18:26

Siege of Paris - DLC for Assassin's Creed Valhalla - may launch on August 5. Such information leaked from Microsoft's online store.

Assassin's Creed Loses Another Veteran; Series' Art Director Leaves Ubisoft

Jacob Blazewicz, 21 July 2021, 20:45

Ubisoft parted ways with another developer who for many years worked on the success of Assassin's Creed. This time Raphael Lacoste, who for 16 years helped in the creation of subsequent installments of the series, has left the company.

Ubisoft Confirms Assassin's Creed Will Switch to Live-service Formula

Przemyslaw Dygas, 21 July 2021, 12:32

Ubisoft admitted that the future of the Assassin's Creed series lies in the live-service model. At the same time, we were assured that Infinity will retain the character of the previous installments.