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News video games 12 February 2022, 15:18

author: Jacob Blazewicz

CoD: Warzone Devs Explain the Game's Bad Condition

„We screwed up,” said representatives of Activision, Infinity Ward and Raven Software when sumarizing the problems of Call of Duty Warzone after the December update. They also promised that the game will be fixed.

The studios responsible for the development of Call of Duty have admitted what gamers have known for a long time - CoD: Warzone got, to put it mildly, messed up after the latest update. Infinity Ward boss Pat Kelly, Activision chief gaming officer Josh Bridge and Raven Software senior creative director Eric Biesmann spoke about the free-to-play shooter's problems during a special press conference (via Charlie INTEL).

Pacific in CoD: Warzone - big ambitions, technical issues and lack of time

The developers didn't mince their words and spoke openly about how bad Warzone got after the recent pacific update. The game turned out to be almost drowning in various bugs, mainly visual glitches on consoles, but there were also more serious defects spoiling the fun for players.

  1. Josh Bridge admitted that the developers are not happy with the current condition of the project, which is due to "developer changes."
  2. Warzone was supposed to be just an expansion for 2019's Modern Warfare, but with the success of the battle royale, it was decided to develop it along with subsequent installments (read: cram related content into Warzone);
  3. As a result, the game grew into something that resembled "neither Modern Warfare nor Black Ops". This "bloating" also made it more difficult to detect and fix bugs, and highlighted the "technological limitations" that have been hampering developers in adding new content.

These problems prevented the developers from refining the update in the "limited time" they had, which was all too evident on the Pacific map Caldera.

Warzone in repair, continuation on the way

Bridge and the other two didn't try to downplay the extent of issues, but they also made it clear that Warzone will be fixed.

  1. Season 2 of Pacific Update for Warzone has been delayed and the developers have abandoned work on new content for the time being to focus on QoL fixes.
  2. In addition, the developers intend to better inform the community about the planned fixes.

What's more, a sequel to Warzone is already ibeing developed on a new engine, "created from scratch". Perhaps it will make it easier to implement new content with the release of the next instalment of Call of Duty, avoiding the problems that players experienced after the debut of Caldera in the first game.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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