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News video games 19 February 2021, 17:02

author: Jacob Blazewicz

More BlizzCon 2021 Leaks - New Class in Diablo 4, Diablo 2 Resurrected on Consoles

Another leak confirms the announcement of Diablo II Resurrected at the upcoming BlizzCon 2021. User PracticalBrush12 revealed a handful of information about the remaster, as well as Diablo IV.

  • Known for many confirmed leaks, user PracticalBrush12 has confirmed that we will see Diablo IV and Diablo II Resurrected at this year's BlizzCon;
  • The source claims that the remaster of Diablo II will be released on PC and "all major consoles";
  • The Internet user also reported that the rogue will be the new class announced for Diablo IV.

BlizzCon 2021 is fast approaching. This year's edition of the event stirrs a lot of excitement, even though the online nature of the event means that it will lack many attractions. Tension is fueled by various rumors, such as those concerning the Diablo series. If user PracticalBrush12 from Reddit is to be believed, Blizzard plans to show both Diablo IV and the yet unannounced Diablo II Resurrected.

As always, we remind that such reports should be treated only as rumors until official confirmation. However, in the case of the leak in question, it is worth paying a little more attention to it. PracticalBrush12 has repeatedly provided confirmed information from the gaming industry, which gives him relative credibility.

In previous leaks we've already read about the fact that second installment of Diablo and Diablo 4 will be part of this year's BlizzCon. However, PracticalBrush12 had a bit more to share. He revealed, for example, that another class will be presented during the event - the rogue. The character will specialize in ranged weapons (i.e. crossbows and bows), but also swords and daggers, and will be distinguished by considerable mobility in combat. Diablo IV will also offer a lot of customization options for characters (and horses), as well as special class quests in the open world based on specialization. In addition, the source mentioned randomization of loot depending on the location (for example, a "sword" will be something different in the desert and the north), PvP mechanics (including a special currency collected in specific places) and monster camps.

As for the return of Diablo II, PracticalBrush12 confirmed that it is a remaster, that is, the original version of the game with refreshed 3D visuals (while there will also be an option to restore the original visuals). The cutscenes and audio are to be completely overhauled, but the gameplay itself will remain unchanged. However, there will be some improvements, such as the ability to enable automatic gold pickup, advanced stat summary, and sharing of game progress between platforms. Diablo II: Resurrected will be coming not only PC, but also "all major consoles including Switch". Thanks to this, the title will also offer support for gamepads. PracticalBrush12 also added that the game should be released later, this year.

Once again, we recommend that you approach these and other unofficial reports with caution. Fortunately, in this particular case, we will not have to wait long for confirmation or denial of the information. BlizzCon 2021 starts today at 2:00 PM PT. You will be able to watch the broadcast of the event on the official Blizzard Entertainment channel on Twitch.

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