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News video games 23 March 2020, 23:38

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Epic Games Store Presents Spring Releases

Epic Games has presented the list of spring releases on Epic Games Store. This includes a handful of intriguing indies, the first story DLC for Control, and the PC edition of Samurai Shodown.

Every week, we mention Epic Games Store in connection with subsequent giveaway. Today, however, the store has a different announcement for us: an announcement of the games that will soon be coming to the store. All of them were presented in a video, which you can watch below.

Dread Nautical

Most of the released productions are independent titles, such as Dread Nautical. This is another project from the Zen Studios team that has previously developed the quite successful Operencia: The Stolen Sun (until recently an exclusive title for Epic Games Store). The game is not completely new, but since December only Apple Arcade subscribers could check it out. On April 29, the title will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For now, the pre-sales of the game have been launched.

The game itself is a mix of tactical RPG and roguelike elements. We play the role of one of the ship's passengers and it soon turns out that most of the passengers and crew have been turned into grotesque monsters. So we search the deck of the liner, looking for other survivors and getting into turn-based battles with monsters. Survival elements were added to this typical formula, such as limited inventory space and item endurance, as well as the need to collect resources and improve the base. The whole thing adopts a cartoonish style, and Dread Nautical was liked by the reviewers (although it has to be honestly admitted that there are not many reviews of the game).

Industries of Titan

We've also heard about Industries of Titan before. Its creators provided us with the memorable Crypt of the Necrodancer, which turned out to be so successful that we've seen the release of not only an expanded version but also a game based on the license from The Legend of Zelda. However, the new title from Brace Yourself Games is a much more typical production: an economic strategy game set in space. In real time, we are expanding our space base, taking care of the needs of the inhabitants of the colony, inventing new technologies and gradually transforming our settlement into a big metropolis.

This doesn't mean that there is no room for some strange things. Unlike many similar titles, Industries of Titan puts considerable emphasis on military matters. Without an army, we can't defend ourselves against rival corporations that won't hesitate to use force to gain an advantage. We'll find out how it'll come out in practice on April 14, when the game will be available in early access on Epic Games Store.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

We had two complicated titles, time for something simpler. The beta version of Totally Reliable Delivery Service from We're Five Games came to Steam in the middle of last year and was warmly welcomed by users (90% of positive reviews with over 2.5 thousand reviews). In the game, we play the role of a supplier (a rag doll), and our goal is to deliver a package as soon as possible. However, as befits a sandbox title, we will find a lot of other activities here, including various means of transport. Yes, we can use them to do the work efficiently, but even if we combat the temptation of not checking alternative ways of "completing" the job (for example, with a hang-glider or an umbrella), chaotic physics will provide us with additional attractions. Especially when we decide to have fun in cooperation mode, either through the web or in split screen mode. The full version of Totally Reliable Delivery Service will debut on April 1, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


Can a news about Epic Games Store not include information about free games? Maybe so, but there will be one free production in this one. Diabotical from The GD Studio is a F2P arena shooter, which is to debut on June 1. In the game we create our own robot (excuse me, Eggbot) and fight on 9 maps in different modes. The game is dynamic in the vein of oldschool shooters, and the available arsenal contains various types of grenades (including healing). The game also allows for significant personalization of the avatar, including its appearance, emotions and music.


Too many colors and fun? For balance, we have Saturnalia, survival horror from Santa Ragione SRL. In 1989, mysterious incidents took place in Italian Sardinia, which resulted in many people being lost without a trace. The mystery is solved by a group of people determined to prevent further disappearances. According to the formula of roguelike games, the village we are moving through is generated at the start of the game. The game boils down to exploring the location in search of clues that will help to discover the secret of the settlement. The game is hindered by a limited number of resources (including matches), as well as the fact that each character we lead corresponds to one of our in-game lives.

Sludge Life

Another exploration game, but this time without folklore horror, but with a twisted atmosphere for adult audience. As a would-be tagger known as GHOST, we are wandering across a slime-covered island, trying to gain fame among the local community of graffiti artists. The developers give us full freedom to explore the game world and discover its secrets and, we quote, "meet other idiots". Our actions will lead the hero to one of the three endings.

Among Trees

A colourful survival game from FJRD Interactive, in which we find ourselves in a wooden hut in the heart of a lush forest. As per the genre formula, the fun comes down to expanding our cottage and taking care of the character's condition by providing them with food and crafting helpful tools. We also have a large area to explore, but it's better to avoid wild beasts that roam it.

Samurai Shodown

After a handful of independent games it's time for a bigger (though still niche) production. Samurai Shodown is a reboot of the series of fighting game from the once famous SNK company, in which we fight using melee weapons. So far the title has managed to appear on consoles and has been well received by the critics. The PC version is to debut "soon".

Control: The Foundation

The first expansion for Controlwill debut on Friday, March 26. In it, we will go on a search for the missing member of the board of the Oldest House and learn about the history of this place. This in turn will give us an excuse to visit a completely new location, available after completing the main storyline. There we will also check out the main character's new ability and weapon. Let's also mention that with the debut of Control: The Foundation, the game will receive a free update with some fixes and a few additions.

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