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How to Get and Use a Rope in Hammerwatch 2

Damian Gacek, 17 August 2023, 20:04

In our guide to Hammewatch 2, we will tell you how to use and get a Rope. Read our article to learn more.

Diablo 4 Loot Drops Not Dependent on Items Owned - Fan Theory Debunked

Michal Ciezadlik, 17 August 2023, 16:44

Diablo 4 players have begun to inquire into the systems behind loot. There was a theory about the relationship between item drops and items those in the player's inventory. Blizzard, however, denied these reports.

Steam Raises Minimum Game Price

Kamil Kleszyk, 17 August 2023, 16:30

Valve has updated the rules of Steam regarding the minimum price of games in certain currencies other than the US dollar. This means that in some countries the cheapest productions will be as much 482 percent more expensive.

Steam's Would-be Hit Unlocks Character Classes as Response to Criticism

Michal Ciezadlik, 17 August 2023, 16:23

The developers of Dark and Darker have decided to unlock character classes, which until now had to be paid for. The move comes in response to negative reactions from the community.

The Walking Dead: Destinies Leak Reveals Almost Everything [Update]

Kamil Kleszyk, 17 August 2023, 16:17

Information about a new gane from the universe of The Walking Dead has leaked online.

Total War: Rome 2 Elevated With Fan Project Wars of the Gods

Adrian Werner, 17 August 2023, 16:10

A new version of the great fan project Wars of the Gods - Ancient Wars, one of the most important mods for Total War: Rome II strategy, has been released.

MMO Lost Ark With New Class and 2 Additional Raids

Jan Kopacz, 17 August 2023, 16:01

Popular action RPG Lost Ark has received a major update that introduced, among other things, new raids and an additional character class.

Starfield Will Feature a Punishment System; Go to Jail for Breaking Law

Michal Ciezadlik, 17 August 2023, 15:51

A recent Q&A session with the developers of Starfield gave us answers to some of the questions that have been bothering the gamers. Among other things, we learned that it will be possible to go to jail for breaking the law.

NHL 24 Release Date and First Gameplay Trailer

Jan Kopacz, 17 August 2023, 15:22

EA Sports has revealed the first details about NHL 24, including the game's release date. A gameplay trailer was also shown.

Baldur's Gate 3 Hotfix 4 Withdrawn [Update]

Jacob Blazewicz, 17 August 2023, 15:19

A new patch for Baldur's Gate 3 was supposed to fix a bunch of problems. So far, it only messed up some of the saves after the developers withdrew Hotfix 4 due to a bug.

The Crew Motorfest Gone Gold; Ubisoft's Racing Game Launches in September

Jan Kopacz, 17 August 2023, 15:09

The Crew Motorfest has been gone gold. This means nothing more stands in the way of the game's September release.

Pharaoh Remake Got New Patch; Introduces Defense Zones and More

Christian Pieniazek, 17 August 2023, 14:22

Although six months have passed since the release of Pharaoh: A New Era, work on the game is still not over. Triskell Interactive has released a major update that brings, among other things, defensive zones.

Skull and Bones Trailer Prepares Us for Closed Beta

Christian Pieniazek, 17 August 2023, 14:02

Later this month, gamers will be able to check out Skull & Bones, which has been in development for years. Ubisoft has released a new trailer and shared the date for the game's closed beta.

'Revenge Time'; PlayStation Fanboys Plan Review Bombing of Starfield

Jacob Blazewicz, 17 August 2023, 13:55

Starfield has already fallen victim to review bombing once, but die-hard PlayStation fans are said to be preparing another attack. For now, they are limiting themselves to spoiling the game's plot.

Hammerwatch 2 - Where to Find and How to Use Hookshot?

Adam Adamczyk, 17 August 2023, 13:43

In this guide you will learn where to find and how to use Hookshot in Hammerwatch 2. It is a useful grappling hook. We also described how to get the Toolbox.

Genshin - How to Increase Damage Underwater; The Best Weapon Explained

Ewa Ichniowska, 17 August 2023, 13:36

Underwater exploration has been added to Genshin Impact in the 4.0 update. A surprising way of increasing your damage underwater has been discovered, and it involves a weapon you might already have.

BlazBlue Entropy Effect - Console (Switch, PS5, PS4 and Xbox) Ports Explained

Agnes Adamus, 17 August 2023, 12:59

YesterdayBlazBlue Entropy Effect debuted on PC. In this guide, you'll find out if the title will also come to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Switch consoles.

Quantum Error Release Date and Story Trailer

Christian Pieniazek, 17 August 2023, 12:55

TeamKill Media has revealed its cards and shared the release date of Quantum Error. In addition, the developers released an atmospheric story trailer for the game.

Dark and Darker - Token of Honor Explained

Adam Adamczyk, 17 August 2023, 12:52

In this guide you will learn what the Token of Honor is in Dark and Darker. Among other things, we described where to obtain it from and what it is used for.

RDR Debuts on PS4 and Switch [Update: Visual Fixes]

Adrian Werner, 17 August 2023, 12:45

The Red Dead Redemption port for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch has been released. The game has stirred up a lot of controversy, among other things due to its high price and lack of a PC release.

'Special Moment' for Call of Duty; Devs Heat Up Atmosphere Ahead of Modern Warfare 3 Showcase

Marcin Przala, 17 August 2023, 12:39

Call of Duty developers are cranking up the hype ahead of tomorrow's presentation of Modern Warfare 3. Already today we learned some of the content that will be coming to the new CoD.

Starfield Gone Gold; Preload Launches, but Will be Delayed on Steam [Update: Data Volume]

Marcin Przala, 17 August 2023, 12:01

Starfield has officially gone gold, which means that Bethesda's title will almost 100% not be delayed. On the occasion of the announcement, we also learned about the game's preload dates.

How to Use Old Rusty Key in Dark and Darker

Dawid Lubczynski, 17 August 2023, 11:49

Are you unsure how to use the Old Rusty Key or how to get it in Dark and Darker? In our guide, you will find the solution to this problem.

HoloCure - Mobile (iOS, Android) and Console (Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch) Ports Explained

Ewa Ichniowska, 17 August 2023, 11:36

HoloCure features virtual YouTuber talents from the agency Hololive Production. Check this guide to find out if there are plans for mobile and console ports for the game.

Holocure - How to Fix Lagging

Aleksander Kartasinski, 17 August 2023, 10:13

Holocure is a free game that lets you battle hordes of enemies at the same time. This can lead to the game lagging. If you experience this, here we have collected some information that may help you fix it.