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Enraged Gamers, Taunted Developers; Unity's CEO Steps Down

Marcin Przala, 10 October 2023, 14:10

John Riccitiello is no longer the CEO of Unity. The controversial businessman resigned less than a month after the company announced shocking fee changes that reverberated through the video game industry.

Video Game Character Faces Enhanced to Photorealism; Hot or Not?

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 October 2023, 14:45

Popular youtubers have shared a video in which they brag about the effects of implementing photorealistic faces for characters in video games. The effects of their actions are at times grotesque.

Former Ubisoft Big Shots Arrested; Harassment and Mobbing Reported

Marcin Przala, 04 October 2023, 19:37

Five people who once held senior positions at Ubisoft have been arrested in connection with a case of bullying and harassment allegedly occurring at the French company through 2020.

Fired Employees Sue BioWare for 'Unjustified Mistreatment'

Kamil Kleszyk, 04 October 2023, 14:29

After BioWare said goodbye to some of its employees in August, a lawsuit was filed by several of them.

Owners Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X Limited Edition Still Waiting for Phantom Liberty Refunds [Update]

Kamil Kleszyk, 28 September 2023, 12:21

People who bought an Xbox One X console several years ago with the Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition still haven't received a refund for the first paid DLC they were promised at the time, yet they can't play it.

CD Projekt Apologizes for Anti-Russian Slogans in Cyberpunk 2077

Kamil Kleszyk, 26 September 2023, 11:46

Update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077 includes a Ukrainian language version. As it turns out, it included some anti-Russian slogans. CD Projekt apologizes.

Video Games Should Cost $100, Capcom CEO Says

Maciej Gaffke, 26 September 2023, 11:39

You may soon have to pay a lot more for a copy of a video game. Such a solution is strongly advocated by Capcom's CEO.

Developers Pleased With Unity's Concessions, but Lost Trust Will be Hard to Rebuild

Adrian Werner, 25 September 2023, 15:15

Unity's retreat from most of the controversial changes to the engine's terms of use has been welcomed by game developers. However, many of them stress that they have lost trust in the company.

Unity Wrote Open Apology Letter Announcing New Less Strict Conditions

Maciej Gaffke, 24 September 2023, 16:27

A representative of Unity spoke on the new fees for its engine and introduced the relaxed rules under which the technology is to be made available to game developers.

37 Million People Eligible for Refund From Epic Games

Jacob Blazewicz, 22 September 2023, 15:07

Fortnite players have a chance to get their money back for wrongful transactions. They can apply for refunds until early next year.

Terraria Devs Support Unity's Competitors: 'All We Ask is That They Remain Good People'

Adam Adamczyk, 20 September 2023, 13:22

Terraria developers spare no cash to support Unity's competitors. The developer has issued an important appeal.

Unity Changes Controversial Price Hike Plan After Gamedev Revolts

Adrian Werner, 19 September 2023, 13:51

Credible reports have appeared online about the modified terms of use of the Unity engine. According to them, the company has decided to make major concessions on most of the contentious issues.

Game Developers Join Forces; Ultimatum For Unity And Protest By Turning Off Adds

Adrian Werner, 17 September 2023, 22:50

A group of mobile developers has turned off Unity's ad system in their games in protest of changes to the terms of use for the company's engine.

Unity Closed Offices After 'Serious Death Threats'

Jacob Blazewicz, 15 September 2023, 15:46

Unity has temporarily closed its two offices in response to 'serious death threats,' perhaps received after recent reports about the company's CEO.

'It's Not Too Late to Bring It Back': Brazen Thief Steals Indie Dev's Gamescom Award

Maciej Gaffke, 30 August 2023, 14:27

Independent developers AK-xolotl did not enjoy the award they received at gamescom 2023 for long. Now they are appealing to the thief through social media.

Another Intelligence Fail on War Thunder Forum; More Secret Military Documents Leaked

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 29 August 2023, 22:23

Some fans of War Thunder continue to share secret military documents. This time, the forum moderation reacted quickly and removed the published message about the Eurofighter Typhoon DA7 jet fighter.

Activision Responds to Content Creator's Threat With Lawsuit

Kamil Kleszyk, 27 July 2023, 18:20

Activision has sued Anthony Fantano for „abuse” of intellectual property rights after the creator demanded monetary compensation from the publisher for the use of his audio in a clip.

Ubisoft May Delete Inactive Accounts, Internet Boils [Update]

Marcin Przala, 25 July 2023, 09:37

People who have not logged into the Ubisot Connect service for a long time may permanently lose access to their account. This information shocked Internet users, who initiated a huge discussion about such practices. However, part of the gaming community calling for calm.

Sony Paid Studios to Discriminate Xbox - Official Confirmation

Maciej Gaffke, 21 July 2023, 16:51

The justification released by the court noted that Sony paid studios to skip or deliberately delay the release of games for Microsoft's consoles.

Steam Once Again Hid Negative Reviews; Reaction to Unpopular Changes

Michal Ciezadlik, 14 July 2023, 17:30

The negative reception faced by the developers of Skullgirls 2nd Encore after they gentrified their game was declawed by Steam, which hid much of the unflattering reviews.

ARK Remaster Confusion Continues; Release Delayed

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 03 July 2023, 13:03

Studio Wildcard has shared new information about ARK: Survival Ascended. The release date of the remaster has changed. A new price has also been set.

Polish Response to Assassin's Creed Divides the Industry [Update: Info From Devs]

Kamil Kleszyk, 03 July 2023, 10:28

Ecumene Aztec, an open-world action RPG, has sparked fury among far-right groups. Extremists are trying to sabotage the project by harassing the developers and impersonating them.

President of Nintendo of Russia Fired; eShop Closed to Russians

Jacob Blazewicz, 02 June 2023, 18:22

The controversial president of Nintendo of Russia is no longer an employee of the company. However, the company continues to copperate with him, although this has not prevented the closure of the eShop in Russia.

Blizzard Fired WoW Screenwriter for Capitalist Jokes?

Kamil Kleszyk, 02 June 2023, 17:21

Eric Covington, a screenwriter who worked on World of Warcraft, claims he was fired from Blizzard after he wrote a dialogue mocking „corporate greed” for characters in the game.

Players Spot Hand With Six Fingers; Studio Denies Firing Artists for AI

Kamil Kleszyk, 01 June 2023, 12:17

Rayark - the Taiwanese studio behind, among other things, the mobile game series Cytus - faces accusations that it is laying off its graphic designers and replacing them with artificial intelligence. The developers decided to explain themselves in an official statement. Whom to believe?

Disco Elysium was Supposed to Go to Ubisoft or Microsoft; Dev Reveals New Details

Karol Laska, 30 May 2023, 14:43

Robert Kurvitz, in an interview with Chris Bratt, gave the official reason for his dismissal by ZA/UM - it was an attempt to steal the Disco Elysium brand. The developer, however, dismissed the reports.

Diablo 4 Q&A's Questions Are Fake; Blizzard Pisses Off Fans Again

Michal Ciezadlik, 29 May 2023, 14:40

A recent Q&A session with the developers of Diablo 4 was supposed to answer the fans' most burning questions. Instead, the community began asking questions about whether the entire video was a fake.

Redfall is Almost a Month Old and Got Only 1 Hotfix; Players are Speechless

Adrian Werner, 28 May 2023, 16:21

Players are concerned that Redfall has been abandoned by Arkane. It will soon be a month since its release, and the game has received only one small hotfix.

Steam Hid 80,000 Negative War Thunder Reviews; Gamers Plan Big Protest

Sonia Selerska, 25 May 2023, 16:41

War Thunder developers taking heavy flak. The community's ourrage was fueled by a cover-up of negative reviews on Steam. Meanwhile, fans of the game are recruiting players for a massive boycott.

Riot Games to Pay Compensation to 1,548 Women for Gender Discrimination [UPDATE]

Jacob Blazewicz, 15 May 2023, 12:53

Riot Games' discrimination case against women is coming to an end. The settlement obliges LoL developers to pay a total of $100 million to more than 1,500 people.

Free Hack'n'slash With Fake Reviews on Steam? They Sound Like Advertisements

Sonia Selerska, 12 May 2023, 15:19

Internet users have launched an investigation into suspicious reviews on Steam. The results of the investigation are not optimistic.

Sad Amazon MMO Fans Lose Cherished Meeting and Conversation Space

Jacob Blazewicz, 27 April 2023, 14:49

New World and Lost Ark players are furious with Amazon for its decision to shut down the official forums for these games.

Dark and Darker Creators Send Refunds, Fans Refuse to Accept

Adam Celarek, 26 April 2023, 16:13

The developers of Dark and Darker have decided to return the money given in the form of voluntary donations by fans. However, players have shown unexpected support to the studio.

Horizon: Burning Shores Taking Flak for Romance Plot [UPDATE]

Adam Celarek, 25 April 2023, 15:30

The Burning Shores DLC for last year's Horizon: Forbidden West, released a few days ago, was met with an unexpected wave of criticism. The reason turned out to be a certain romance present in the plot.

Dark and Darker Dev Sued; Legal Escalation [UPDATE]

Michal Ciezadlik, 21 April 2023, 15:35

Nexon has filed an official lawsuit against Ironmace, the studio responsible for Dark and Darker, which has recently become popular. Among other things, the Korean company is demanding that Ironmace cease work on they game and pay damages.

Thousands of Steam User Accounts Blocked for Liking a Negative Review

Adam Celarek, 17 April 2023, 14:27

Users who positively evaluated the text of a certain unlucky review had experience some very unpleasant consequences. Fortunately, the case has reached a happy ending.

Nintendo Has a Problem With Russia, but It Doesn't Care

Jacob Blazewicz, 14 April 2023, 16:57

It looks like Nintendo games may return to Russia, only that thanks to a company not officially affiliated with the Japanese (but run by the president of the company's Russian branch).

Sony Criticized for Childishness and Malice Towards Competitors in Patent Applications

Damian Mista, 11 April 2023, 18:25

Sony has included a phrase in its patent description that describes other manufacturers as „inferior.” The practice is said to have been used by the giant for many years.

Nintendo Goes to Court; Wants Discord to Identify Zelda Leaker

Jakub Tarchala, 11 April 2023, 14:58

Nintendo wants to punish an „anonymous” perpetrator who illegally published an 200-page artbook from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The case has gone to court.

Surprising Result of Player Protest; ARK Remaster Price Increased

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 11 April 2023, 13:48

After the critical reception of the announcement of ARK: Survival Ascended, the developers have decided to make some changes to this remaster of the popular survival game. However, the news is not good - the price of ASA will be higher by $10.

Popular Survival Game Review Bombed; Paid Remaster Enraged Players

Adrian Werner, 06 April 2023, 12:26

The announcement of ARK: Survival Ascended angered the gamers, mainly because of the price. They made their displeasure known by review bombing ARK: Survival Evolved's profile on Steam.

Take-Two Reaches Settlement With GTA Mod Makers, But it's Not the End

Adam Celarek, 04 April 2023, 14:35

The nearly two-year-long court battle between Take-Two and a group of modders modifying GTA games is most likely at an end. However, another one is looming in the background.

'You Ruined This Remake' - Ada Wong VA Faces Hating From Resident Evil 4 Fans

Marcin Przala, 03 April 2023, 15:53

Some people who consider themselves fans of the Resident Evil series decided to vent their dissatisfaction with the remake on the actress who provided her voice to one of the characters. The wave of hate was so great that the actress withdrew from social media.

Nexon Wants to 'Bleed Out' Dark and Darker Devs in Court; Fans Show Generous Support

Adrian Werner, 02 April 2023, 22:22

Fans of Dark and Darker have shown that they are ready to give substantial financial support to the game's developers in their legal battle with Nexon.

Fallout 2 Designer Cleared of Harassment Charges and Compensated

Kamil Kleszyk, 27 March 2023, 13:00

The high-profile case over alleged harassment allegedly committed by Chris Avellone is slowly coming to an end. The women who sued the famous game designer have withdrawn their accusations.

Microsoft Refutes Redfall Accusations: 'We Didn't Pull Any Games From PlayStation'

Kamil Kleszyk, 26 March 2023, 00:02

Following recent reports that Microsoft was said to have ordered the cancellation of the PlayStation version of Redfall, representatives of the Redmond giant have decided to make an official announcement.

Toxic Rust Fans Made Death Threats Against Developers

Sonia Selerska, 21 March 2023, 16:58

Facepunch wanted to repay fans for their support by holding a get-together in a relaxed atmosphere. Their plans were thwarted by disturbing news.

Russians Fulfil Their Threat; STALKER 2 Footage Leaked

Jacob Blazewicz, 16 March 2023, 11:15

The hackers who broke into the servers of GSC Game World have kept their word. Materials from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl has hit the web, including gameplay footage.

Fortnite Devs Must Pay Cheated Gamers and Parents as Much as $245 Million

Sonia Selerska, 15 March 2023, 14:51

The Federal Trade Commission has made a final decision on fines for Epic Games. Fortnite's business model was deemed a threat to players.

Bleak Faith Excessively Inspired by Elden Ring; Devs Accused of Theft [UPDATE]

Adrian Werner, 15 March 2023, 14:11

The creators of Bleak Faith: Forsaken have been accused of stealing animations from Elden Ring. However, they are most likely not the ones to blame for the situation.