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Gaming NewsDec 16, 2015 at 2:40a PSTby luckie

The Long Dark will get an episodic Story Mode in Spring 2016

A new trailer from The Long Dark reveals the game’s Story Mode. The first episode is promised to arrive in Spring 2016. In the meantime, Early Access palyers can check out new features included in the December update.

Some may have forgotten, some do not know yet, but The Long Dark is not only about sandbox survival in the wilderness. It’s also a mature storyline, as we were promised back in 2013, when the Hinterland Studio’s project hit Kickstarter. The long-awaited Story Mode is at hand now, heralded by a new trailer that appeared online via IGN.

The first out of several episodes will launch in Spring 2016 and the whole season is said to provide about 10-12 hours of gameplay. Throughout the narrative we will be playing interchangeably as pilot Will Mackenzie and Dr. Astrid Greenwood.

Players have to wait until Spring for a real winter to come. How ironic. - 2015-12-16
Players have to wait until Spring for a real winter to come. How ironic.

Interestingly, the Story Mode will feature a cast of well-known voice actors, spearheaded by Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale (Mr and Mrs Commandor Shepard from Mass Effect) impersonating the two playable protagonists. A couple of others are Elias Toufexis (Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution) and David Hayter (Snake from Metal Gear).

There is more good news. The Long Dark, currently available as a Steam Early Access title, received the December update introducing another region (Timberwolf Mountain), tool (distress pistol), new gameplay element (rope climbing), player log and stats screen, and more. Here is the complete list of changes.