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Fallout 4 news and interesting facts

Todd Howard Regrets That Bethesda Didn't Support Skyrim and Fallout 4 Longer; Starfield Is Set to Receive Another DLC

Jacob Blazewicz, 18 June 2024, 02:45

Starfield: Shattered Space won't be the only expansion to Bethesda's space RPG. Todd Howard assured that the company is betting on the long-term development of its games.

Bethesda Patches Next-Gen Update for Fallout 4. Patch Targeting Major Bugs Will Be Released Later Today

Martin Bukowski, 13 May 2024, 05:07

Bethesda fixes bugs caused by the next-gen update of Fallout 4. The patch will be released later today.

Fallout 4 - Quality and Performance Mode Explained

Agnes Adamus, 26 April 2024, 05:21

Fallout 4 players can already try next-gen update. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S can enjoy performance improvements. From this guide you will learn the difference between performance and quality mode.

Fallout 4 Gets Free Next-Gen Update for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Adrian Werner, 25 April 2024, 05:56

Fallout 4 received new updates on all platforms. Among other things, the patches added a native next-gen version of the game for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5.

Fallout: London Creator Criticized Bethesda on BBC: 'That Has, for a Lack of a Better Term, Screwed Us Over'

Kamil Kleszyk, 25 April 2024, 00:02

A representative of the team responsible for the Fallout: London mod - Dean Carter - made it clear that he was disappointed by the lack of contact with Bethesda regarding the release of an update for Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 in 2024 - Freedom Trail Code Puzzle

Ewa Ichniowska, 23 April 2024, 04:08

The Road to Freedom quest in Diamond City in Fallout 4 requires you to open a door with a code. We explain how to do it below.

Fallout's Popularity Causes Issues on Largest Mod Site; Steam Player Numbers Reflect It

Adrian Werner, 22 April 2024, 23:00

Encouraged by the success of the Fallout series, players rushed to install game mods, leading to an overload of the NexusMods site's servers.

Fallout 4 - How To Fill Out Registration Form, Best Stats

Agnes Adamus, 19 April 2024, 06:20

Do you start your adventure with Fallout 4? From this guide you will learn how to fill out registration form.

Lucy MacLean in Fallout 4 (FO4), What Her Story Is

Damian Gacek, 18 April 2024, 08:16

In this guide we will tell you about Lucy in Fallout 4. Is she a playable character? Can we learn more about her history? Learn answers.

Fallout 4 or Fallout 76, That Is the Question

Agnes Adamus, 18 April 2024, 07:02

Did Fallout show make you interested in the franchise? From this guide you will find out which game is better to begin your adventure with the series – Fallout 4 or Fallout 76.

Is the Fallout Show Based on Fallout 4? Answered

Agnes Adamus, 17 April 2024, 06:52

Fallout is a very popular TV series, which takes place in video games’ universe. From our guide you will learn if it is based on Fallout 4.

Is Matt Berry in Fallout 4? We Explain

Ewa Ichniowska, 16 April 2024, 03:31

Matt Berry’s cameo in the Fallout TV series is considered one of the highlights of the hit adaptation, but can you hear the actor in the original game, as well? We explain below.

Lucy Role in the Fallout Game Explained

Aleksander Kartasinski, 16 April 2024, 02:25

If you wonder whether Lucy MacLean can be found in either of Fallout games, here you will find an answer to this question.

Cooper Howard, The Ghoul, Role in Fallout 4 Explained

Damian Gacek, 16 April 2024, 01:41

Cooper Howard is one of the main characters in the Fallout TV series. Let’s learn what The Ghoul's role is in Fallout 4.

Maximus Role in Fallout 4 (F4) Explained

Damian Gacek, 15 April 2024, 09:18

Maximus is one of the main characters in the newest Fallout TV series. We will tell you what his role in Fallout 4 is.

Fallout TV Show Boosts Entire Game Series. Fallout Games With Major Spikes in Interest

Adrian Werner, 15 April 2024, 03:52

The Fallout series caused a multi-fold increase in the activity figures of all games from the brand on Steam.

Locations From Fan-Remake of Fallout 2 on Comparison With 1998 Original

Adrian Werner, 05 April 2024, 06:05

The creators of the fan-made remake of Fallout 2 have shown a video that offers a comparison of the locations they have developed with the 1998 original.

Fallout: London With Stunning Voice-acting Cast: Neil Newbon; A Plague Tale: Requiem and FF XVI Actors

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 21 February 2024, 01:42

In Fallout: London, an ambitious modification to Bethesda's RPG, we will hear many familiar voices, including Astarion from Baldur's Gate 3 or heroines from A Plaque Tale: Requiem and Final Fantasy XVI.

Fallout 2 Locations Showcased in New Trailer of Fan Remake

Jacob Blazewicz, 05 February 2024, 07:04

Fallout 4: Project Arroyo is still alive. The developers of the fan-made remake of Fallout 2 have reminded people of its existence with a new trailer and have teamed up with a team working on a similar mod.

Fallout: London Got Final Release Date And It Perfectly Matches Amazon's Premiere

Kamil Kleszyk, 27 December 2023, 05:01

The team working on the fan-made mod called Fallout: London has announced the official release date of the expansion. The information was accompanied by a relevant video.

Next-gen Update for Fallout 4 is Coming, But Not Just Yet

Jacob Blazewicz, 13 December 2023, 14:54

Bethesda has confirmed that it is still working on a next-gen update for Fallout 4, but its release remains distant.

Fallout 4 Almost Like Cities Skylines - Sim Settlements 2 Delights

Adrian Werner, 04 August 2023, 15:17

The final chapter of the Sim Settlements 2 mod for Fallout 4 has been released. The project not only heavily improves the base building mechanics, but also offers a rich story campaign.

Fallout 4 Gone Painfully Realistic; Fan Project Transforms the Game

Wiktoria Jarema, 20 July 2023, 16:29

Fallout 4 takes on a new life thanks to the Real AI project. More difficult and realistic clashes with intelligent enemies add excitement to the challenge.

Fan Project Fixes More Than 220 Flaws in Fallout 4

Adrian Werner, 13 July 2023, 16:29

Nearly eight years after its release, Fallout 4 still has many problems. More than 220 of them are solved by a fan project called FATE Patch.

New Video From Fallout 4: New Vegas Shows Off Whacky Weapons

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 July 2023, 15:31

The team of modders working on a redesign of Fallout: New Vegas will put a sizable arsenal of energy weapons in the hands of Fallout 4 players.

Fallout London Release Delayed Due to Starfield

Kamil Kleszyk, 29 June 2023, 16:01

Gamers awaiting the release of Fallout: London need to be a little more patient. The developers of the mod have announced that it will be released a little later due to the debut of Starfield.

I’ve Been Working on Starfield for 7 Years. Music for Fallout 3 Had to Be Written in Months

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 June 2023, 14:24

Inon Zur, a world-famous composer and longtime collaborator with Bethesda, in a conversation with, shared the behind-the-scenes of creating soundtracks for his most popular video games.

Minor Change to Fallout 4 on Steam Intrigued New Vegas Fans

Marcin Przala, 07 April 2023, 13:08

A minor change in the Steam files of Fallout 4 has reawakened the discussion about the sequel to New Vegas. Some fans, however, approach the new revelations with caution.

Fallout 4 Gets Impressive Fan-made Expansion With Dubbing

Adrian Werner, 14 February 2023, 14:28

The Fens Sheriff's Department mod has been released, adding new locations and dubbed adventures to Fallout 4.

Ambitious Mod Fallout: London on New Video; Many Attractions Revealed

Jacob Blazewicz, 05 January 2023, 12:31

The developers of an extensive mod for Fallout 4 have reminded us of their creation. The new footage from Fallout: London shows, among other things, killer mailboxes and fully functioning trains.

Fallout 4: New Vegas is Alive and Kicking; New Footage

Adrian Werner, 30 October 2022, 19:50

The authors of Fallout 4: New Vegas have released a sizable amount of footage from the ambitious modification, which will recreate the Fallout: New Vegas campaign on the Fallout 4 engine.

Fallout 4 Gets Next-gen Upgrade 8 Years After Debut; Also on PC

Agnes Adamus, 25 October 2022, 11:20

Bethesda has announced that Fallout 4 will receive a free next-gen update for PS5, Xbox Series X and S and PC. The patch will launch next year.

Fallout: London Removes Ghouls Modeled After Queen Elizabeth and King Charles

Adrian Werner, 20 October 2022, 13:01

Due to the death of Elizabeth II, the developers of the Fallout: London mod have decided to remove ghouls modeled after Queen Elizabeth and King Charles from the project.

Fallout: London Creators Offered Jobs by Bethesda

Przemyslaw Dygas, 01 July 2022, 11:51

Bethesda is reaching out to modders again. Two members of the team working on Fallout: London have been given the opportunity to work for the studio.

Fallout: London Trailer Shows the Devastated Metropolis

Michal Ciezadlik, 27 June 2022, 19:21

The official trailer for Fallout London, an ambitious modification for Fallout 4, has hit the web. The 4 and a half-minute trailer shows a post-ap[ocalyptic look on the capital of England.

A Taste of Starfield in Fallout 4 With HUD Mod

Hubert Sledziewski, 19 June 2022, 16:34

Can't wait for the release of Starfield? Thanks to a free mod for Fallout 4 you can get a taste of what awaits us in the upcoming Bethesda game.

Fallout 5 Coming After The Elder Scrolls 6; Bethesda Confirms

Adrian Werner, 15 June 2022, 10:21

Todd Howard confirmed that Fallout 5 will be Bethesda's next game after The Elder Scrolls 6. However, we will have to wait many years for the fifth installment.

Fallout London Gameplay Trailer; Mod Looks Like a New Game

Jacob Blazewicz, 19 May 2022, 09:53

Fallout London was finally presented to the world. So far only on a gameplay trailer, although this one is much longer than usual footage of this type.

Work on Fallout TV Series Continues

Miriam Moszczynska, 11 November 2021, 14:27

The series based on the Fallout game series has not been forgotten. The head of Bethesda informed that work on the TV adaptation of the game is still in progress.

Bethesda has an Idea for Fallout 5, but We Won't See the Game Anytime Soon

Artur Flaga, 09 November 2021, 20:39

Todd Howard says Bethesda has an idea for a Fallout 5, but we'll have to wait a while for the release.

Ambitious Fallout 4 Mod Project Mojave Launches in Early Access

Adrian Werner, 24 October 2021, 21:19

The first, early version of the Project Mojave mod has been released. The aim of the project is to recreate a large part of the content from Fallout: New Vegas in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4: London Mod Landed Its Lead Writer a Job at Bethesda

Paul Musiolik, 22 August 2021, 20:59

Bethesda has decided to hire the lead writer of the emerging mod titled Fallout 4: London. Thanks to her private activity, a career opportunity has opened up for her.

Fallout 4 Turned Into Stalker; Watch Impressive Effect of 194 Mods

Przemyslaw Dygas, 05 August 2021, 22:42

Another player has proven that Fallout 4 can be turned into a completely different game. With the set of mods, it changes beyond recognition.

Fallout 4's Dogmeat Dies; Dev Pays Tribute

Przemyslaw Dygas, 28 June 2021, 14:55

The gaming community has just lost one important member. We're talking about River, the dog that served as the model for Fallout 4's Deadmeat, and one of the game's creators said his farewell by mentioning the dog's extremely friendly nature and impact on the game.

Fallout 4 Mod Will Take Us to Post-apocalyptic London

Przemyslaw Dygas, 16 June 2021, 11:26

It looks like the moment will finally come when we will see how nuclear war in the Fallout universe affected countries other than the US. All thanks to the modders responsible for Fallout: London.

Fallout 4, Skyrim, Dishonored and More With FPS Boost Option on Xbox Series X|S

Agnes Adamus, 15 March 2021, 18:51

The update for five Bethesda titles on Xbox Series X|S, announced on Saturday, will hit the players today. Thanks to it we will be able to play them in 60 FPS on Microsoft consoles.

Several Bethesda Games Will Get 60 FPS Patch on Xbox Series X|S

Paul Musiolik, 13 March 2021, 16:10

Microsoft has announced the release of an update for TES V: Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Prey and Dishonored: Definitive Edition that will enable gaming at 60 fps on Xbox Series X|S.

Bethesda in Trouble Because of Fallout 4. Lawsuit Could Delay Microsoft's Acquisition

Jacob Blazewicz, 24 February 2021, 18:19

The acquisition of ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Softworks by Microsoft may be delayed. All because of a lawsuit against the developers of Fallout 4 in connection with the season pass and the so-called Creation Club.

Fan-made Skyrim Trailer Employs AI-generated Voices

Milosz Szubert, 21 January 2021, 17:10

A very interesting set tools appeared on Nexus Mods. These are speech synthesizers which, thanks to AI and machine learning, are able to imitate voices known, among others, from Skyrim and Fallout 4. With their help one of the fans created an unofficial trailer for The Elder Scrolls 5.

Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod Gets Anniversary Trailer

Milosz Szubert, 20 October 2020, 15:19

A new trailer for the fan project titled Fallout 4: New Vegas has appeared online. It launched exactly on the tenth anniversary of Obsidian Entertainment's iconic game.