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GTA 5 Guide

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GTA 5: Friends Reunited - mission walkthrough GTA 5 guide, walkthrough

Last update: 15 May 2020

This page of the guide to Grand Theft Auto V has a walkthrough for mission 21 - Friends Reunited. Our GTA 5 guide will help you sneak into the trailers park, show you where to place the bombs, and how to eliminate all the enemies in the park.

Mission 21 - Friends Reunited general information

How to unlock: you have to finish main mission 20 (Crystal Maze). After a while, a new mark will appear at the Trevor's trailer. It informs you that you can begin a new mission (T letter on the map).

Playable characters: Trevor

Additional information: In the beginning, you'll need to sneak and avoid detection again, but this time sniper rifle isn't necessary - the other muffled weapons are also ok. The second part of this mission is more enjoyable and contains a long ride to Los Santos with many funny talks between Trevor and Wade.

Mission 21 - Friends Reunited full walkthrough

Trailer Park - GTA 5: Friends Reunited - mission walkthrough - Main missions - GTA 5 Guide
Trailer Park

When you return to Trevor's trailer, you meet Wade. Watch a cut scene, enter the car (Canis Bodhi) and head west for the Trailer Park. When you get there, you obtain new objectives: you'll have to plant five explosives on the chosen trailers. And as you have to sneak, get out from the car and choose any gun with silencer.

First enemy - GTA 5: Friends Reunited - mission walkthrough - Main missions - GTA 5 Guide
First enemy

While you moving in the park, you'll notice members of The Lost MC gang. You should eliminate all of them, by attacking from behind or with muffled gun. I don't recommend to get involved in direct shootouts, because it not only makes impossible to complete this mission in 100% but also lures out new enemies out from trailers. I recommend to begin eliminating with the person working at one of the cars.

In the further part, you dont have to hurry, because it may lead to a sudden detection - GTA 5: Friends Reunited - mission walkthrough - Main missions - GTA 5 Guide

In the further part, you don't have to hurry, because it may lead to a sudden detection. What is more, if you wait a while hidden, two motorcyclists will leave the Park. Be cautious next to the pickup (screen above), because there is a poorly visible enemy nearby. Remember also to eliminate grouped enemies quickly or they will raise an alarm.

Aim at the trailer and plant bomb - GTA 5: Friends Reunited - mission walkthrough - Main missions - GTA 5 Guide
Aim at the trailer and plant bomb

You should start planting explosives after clearing the whole area. Choose Sticky Bombs from your inventory and start throwing them at the marked trailers. After that, I recommend to move back to the place from where you have begun this mission and then detonate them, so you don't get surrounded by new motorcyclists. Eliminate enemies who run out from remaining trailers.

Vantage point - GTA 5: Friends Reunited - mission walkthrough - Main missions - GTA 5 Guide
Vantage point

Return to Wade and begin a long journey to Los Santos. It'll be one stop during that, where you can take a look at the beautiful city panorama. Your destination is Vespucci Beach (next to the beach and pier), because it's where the Ralph's, Wade's cousin, apartment is.

Rewards and challenges in mission 21 - Friends Reunited

Reward for this mission:

  1. Floyd's apartment and activities unlocked
  2. Floyd's garage unlocked
  3. access to other playable characters (Franklin and Michael) unlocked again
  4. aviation school unlocked (you have to wait for sms from Ron)

100% mission completion requirements:

  1. Headshots - you have to perform 5 Headshots.
  2. Mystery Gift - you can't be detected until mounting and detonating the explosives on trailers.
  3. Unmarked - you have to finish mission without major damage.
  4. Perfect Gift - you have to destroy all trailers at once - in other words, detonate explosives when all five of them are planted.
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