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GTA 5 Guide by

GTA 5 Guide

Table of Contents

GTA 5: General tips, hints GTA 5 guide, walkthrough

Last update: 29 May 2020

This section of the guide includes starting tips for GTA 5. Reading the below tips to Grand Theft Auto V will help you understand the most important dependencies and gameplay mechanics. It will also decrease the risk of making mistakes that might result in a character's death.

  1. Do not worry if the all of the three characters are unavailable right after you complete the Prologue and make it to the main campaign. Consecutive characters will be unlocked in the course of completing missions - Franklin is available from the very beginning, Franklin becomes available from the Complications main mission, and Trevor becomes available since the Mr. Philips main mission. What is even more, in the predetermined moment of the campaign mode, (e.g. after a heist) the game can temporarily lock access to some of the characters and the only way to unlock them again, is to complete a few more main missions.
  2. Each of the mission in the game is unique, in its own respect. Some of the missions allow you to control only one, specific, character, whereas the other one require you to control two, or all three characters. Also, it is not always the case that you will be able to cut between individual characters, because the selection of the character in many missions is predetermined. So, if you are allowed the selection of a character, you need to remember that you need to make your choice in accordance with the specificity of a mission (e.g. if the most important issue is to escape from the site, as quickly as possible, on a car, then you should stick with Franklin).
  3. Many stores and optional activities are unavailable at first, even if you manage to find the store, or establishment in question, on your own, during free exploration of the game world. Ignore this and keep completing missions. As you make progress in terms of completing missions, you will be receiving information concerning the unlocking of new optional activities.
  4. In the case of many of the missions, you can count on being reinforced by your allies. This concerns not only for the main characters, but also the friends of individual playable characters (e.g. Franklin is friends with Lamar). You need to make sure that none of your teammates die while on mission, because almost always, this means failing through.
  5. Grand Theft Auto 5 does not force you to complete the entire missions at one take and, if you, at any moment, fail a mission (e.g. as a result of death of one of the characters or failing to meet the requirements of that mission), you will be able to restart the game from a checkpoint. There is a downside to this solution, though. While completing a mission in parts, you will not be able to fulfill some of its premises (e.g. the performance of specific activities in the allotted time slot), necessary to complete it with 100% result.
  6. If you are wounded, you can replenish your health, but only to the half of the full meter, and only if you make sure that you are not attacked for a certain period of time. Health can be restored by returning home with the given character, by collecting a first-aid-kit, or by visiting one of the fast-food restaurants in the game world.
  7. In the game, there is, of course, a twenty-four hour day cycle. As a result of this, some of the activities (like illegal street racing) are available only at a given nighttime or daytime. This, fortunately, does not hold true for the main missions. Even if you visit a place, where a mission starts, "at the wrong time", the in-game time will speed up automatically, to make provisions for that.
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