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GTA 5: Architect's Plans - mission walkthrough GTA 5 guide, walkthrough

Last update: 19 May 2020

This page of the guide to Grand Theft Auto V has a walkthrough for mission 65 - Architect's Plan. Our GTA 5 guide explains how to infiltrate the construction site, where to find the architect, how to get the blueprints file and plan the attack on the Bureau.

Mission 65 - Architect's Plan general information

Way to unlock: you need to complete Main mission 63 (Cleaning Out the Bureau). You can now switch to Franklin, which will start this mission.

Playable characters: Franklin

Additional information: In itself, this mission is very short and it revolves around attempts to gain access to the construction site to obtain the FIB building plans. The important piece of information is that a conference will take place in Lester's factory, towards the end of the mission. The result of this conference will be selection of the action plan, and selection of people to hire, who will take part in the heist apart from the protagonists.

NOTE: Towards the end of this mission, you will have to make a choice of the mode of burgling into the FIB skyscraper. The selection will have baring both on the heist itself, as well as on the preparatory missions before the heist. I strongly recommend that you save the game before starting this mission.

Mission 65 - Architect's Plan full walkthrough

The elevators - GTA 5: Architects Plans - mission walkthrough - Main missions - GTA 5 Guide
The elevators

After you take control over Franklin, you will find yourself at the Pillbox Hill construction site. Walk into the site, follow the architect that you can see in the distance and try not to alarm the workers around. From one of the characters that you pass by, you can receive your protective helmet but, even if you are not wearing one, nobody will try stopping you. Reach the elevators, get into one of them to reach to the top of the skyscraper under construction.

Sneak up to the architect from behind and eliminate him - GTA 5: Architects Plans - mission walkthrough - Main missions - GTA 5 Guide
Sneak up to the architect from behind and eliminate him

Continue following the architect. Attack him only after he walks away from the rest of the workers - I recommend a melee attack from behind, although you can also use a suppressed weapon. After the successful action, collect the case with the documents and return to the elevator to leave the construction site (do not use the architect's car or you will alarm the others!). Return to the clothes factory, i.e. to Lester's HQ.

Preparing for the FIB bureau raid

The moment of selection of the heist mode - GTA 5: Architects Plans - mission walkthrough - Main missions - GTA 5 Guide
The moment of selection of the heist mode

I have already suggested at the beginning of the description for this mission that you will have to take one more step, i.e. plan the heist on the FIB skyscraper. Just like in the case of the jewel store and the harbor jobs, there are two variants to choose from, i.e. planting bombs in the skyscraper and making it to the server room disguised as the fire brigade (A - Fire Crew), or jumping onto the rooftop from a chopper, after which you break into the server room (B - Roof Entry).

Short summary:

  1. Using the firemen disguises (Fire Crew)requires you to make a lot of preparations First of all, it is necessary to play the Getaway Vehicle #2 and preparatory missions. Apart fro that, before you finally infiltrate the skyscraper Michael, disguised as the janitor, will need to plant two bombs. The upside of this variant is that the heist itself is going to consist of fewer fights and, as a result, it will be easier for you to escape with the stolen evidence.
  2. The Roof Entry variant does not require you to play any preparatory missions, because Michael's friends from the agency will take care of everything, even about supplying you with the appropriate chopper. The heist itself, is unfortunately, connected with the necessity to fight more often which additionally will be quite demanding in most cases. Furthermore, there need to be three additional accomplices, instead of two, to take part in the heist.

Rewards and challenges in mission 65 - Architect's Plan

Rewards for the completion of the mission: none

Requirements for the completion of the mission in 100%:

  1. Quick Getaway - After you have obtained the plans for the FIB building, you need to leave the construction site within 45 seconds. Use sprint to your advantage because running will in no way alarm the workers.
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