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GTA 5 Guide

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Past time activities GTA 5 guide, walkthrough

Last update: 25 May 2016

GTA Online offers not only the path of a "professional career" of a big city gangster. There are several places where you can kick back and blow off some steam.


Tennis - Past time activities - Basics - GTA 5 Guide

Before you start a tennis match, you can set its length. You may choose between 1, 3 or 5 sets. A set is won by the player who wins 6 games. The rules are the same as in real life tennis. To start a match, you need 2 players - you cannot play against AI. Although it is far from being an accurate simulator of tennis, you may spend some nice moments playing this. What is more, playing tennis improves stamina, so visiting a court now and then can be worthwhile.


A golf course - Past time activities - Basics - GTA 5 Guide
A golf course

If you still feel like doing some sport after playing tennis, you may visit a golf course. This game mode was developed with significantly more care and proves to be more fun. Generally speaking, the main objective in golf is to hit a ball into a hole at as few attempts as possible. You may choose your gear according to your likening or, perhaps, your technical knowledge and actual experience. There are several golf clubs to choose from. You may play solo or compete with other players.

Shooting range

Shooting range - Past time activities - Basics - GTA 5 Guide
Shooting range

If you want to try out how you can handle a gun, head to a shooting range. These are located at the back of some Ammu-nation stores. You may play solo or compete against other players in various game modes. Generally speaking, the player who gets the most points for hitting targets, wins.

Arm wrestling

Arm wrestling - Past time activities - Basics - GTA 5 Guide
Arm wrestling

If you want to try out your strength, challenge a player to an arm wrestling duel. Not only physical condition of your character (though very important) determines the winner - it is also important how fast you can move your fingers. The faster you move the analogue stick, the more strength your character applies.


Darts - Past time activities - Basics - GTA 5 Guide

You can play darts in a bar located at Grand Senora desert. The rules are quite simple. To win a game, you need to reduce your score from 301 to exactly zero before your opponent does. Note that your last throw must hit a double band. A game can be won in two rounds minimum.

  • No. 1 - triple 20 + triple 20 + triple 20, which gives 180 points. 121 points to go.
  • No. 2 - triple 20 + triple 19 + double 2. This is how you can reduce your score to zero in just two rounds.

The inner bands score you triple points, while the outer score double.

Lap dance

If you feel like having some other thrills than golf or darts, you may visit a strip club. For 40 bucks a dancer will keep you amused with a private dance. While she is displaying her charms you can touch her with right trigger. This will gradually fill up a bar in the bottom right corner of the screen. When the bar is full, the dancer will offer you to spend the rest of the wild evening with her at home.

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