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GTA 5 Guide

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GTA 5: Choices during robberies GTA 5 guide, walkthrough

Last update: 29 May 2020

This section of the Grand Theft Auto V game guide describes the meaning of choices made when planning heists. You'll learn when to select a type of a given heist in GTA 5 and what are the differences depending on who you hire for the job.

Heist planning - general information

Choice of approach and crew takes place during planning the robbery - GTA 5: Choices during robberies - Choices and endings - GTA 5 Guide
Choice of approach and crew takes place during planning the robbery

In the game, you have six big robberies to perform, which are connected with a solid amount of cash. Preparing to each mission, you can choice between two ways of making the. You should choose the one which better suits your preferences. You'll be informed what you have to do and make a choice basing on that knowledge, so if you don't like flying, choose a plan without the helicopter. Depending on your choice, you'll have to also take care about proper equipment, to make mission possible - mostly, it's all about stealing a car.

The other important factor is a choice of crew. There are three basic categories of companions: driver, hacker and a shooter, but not every robbery requires all of them. Each of them will want his part of the looted goods. The better his skills, the more he will demand, but the mission will be easier.

Cheap crew will make the mission harder and, sometimes, not everyone will make it out in one piece (but you still have to spend his part of money). After all, cheap crew is better from the financial point of view, because you'll keep the majority of money. What is more, companions increased permanently their skills during actions and keep their low financial demands. It means that choosing hacker Rick to The Jewel Store Rob will give you a little of time for emptying the cases during the robbery - but at the next mission, his skills will be similar to the ones of the best hacker and he keeps his low financial demand of 4% part. If you feel okay for a challenge, the cheapest crew will be the most profitable. But if you want a bit of confidence, you can hire one veteran.

The Jewel Store Job

You will have to choose between tricky and noisy variants. The mission doesn't change due to this choice, but you'll probably deal better with the tricky one as you'll be able to spend all the time the hacker gives you for emptying cases instead of dealing with people in there. To this mission you need a three-man crew:

  1. Driver - with the best driver, you get instructions about where to go and better motorcycles. But you should also be fine with the cheapest one (Denz). You won't obtain any spoken information (just keep close, you won't get lost - you can always look at the minimap), and you'll ride on very bad motorcycles. There'll be also a stop in the sewers, as you won't know where to ride. After all, you can deal with it easily and you keep a lot of money.
  2. Shooter - if you choose the cheapest one (Norm Richards), he'll crush while in sewers and lose his bag with money. You need just to ride over it to pick it up and not lose any money (use Franklin's special if needed), so it's also not complicated thing and you save a lot of money. But you won't be able to use this guy any later.
  3. Hacker - choice of hacker determines how much time you have for emptying cases in the shop. At the most expensive choice it's the whole 90 seconds, which is more than enough to get every precious thing from there. The safest choice is to have the medium one (Feltz), but if you hurry up, you may also make it with the worst hacker, Ricky.

The Merryweather Heist

This robbery, as it turns out after making it, won't give you any money. Also, you don't have to collect a crew. You can approach it by attacking the freighter from the sea or using the helicopter. Choice doesn't matter in this case. In the first option, you'll have to deal with the ship service , the other one includes a lot of flying and firing at the chasing helicopters, what not for all is funny.

Blitz Play

As in the case of Merryweather, this robbery is also without the crew. You can't also choose an approach.

The Paleto Score

Robbing the Paleto Bank is, again, without the choice of approach. But you can choose one of gunmen. Choosing the cheapest option is connected with the companion's death (remember that you have to pay him, even if he dies). The other ones (Packie, Chef, Montoya) won't get hurt. In this mission, it's better to invest in better crewman, because you'll separate in some moment and he'll try to slow down attackers from NOOSE single-handedly.

The Bureau Raid

This robber may be played in two ways. You can infiltrate the building, plant bombs and drive there as a fire brigade. The other way is to attack directly from the air, landing on the roof with parachutes. First option seems to be easier: you mainly walk, run and fire a little, but you have to hurry due to limited amount of oxygen. And because of the smaller crew, you'll earn more. Choice of crew depends on the way of robbing you chose:

1. Fire Brigade:

  1. Shooter
  2. Shooter. No matter who you choose, one with the worse statistics will die because of an explosion. You can choose two cheapest ones without any problem. The only firing in this mission takes place when Franklin is alone, so their skills don't matter. You can choose more expensive shooters, if you want to keep two cheapest ones alive for the last robbery to maximize incomes from it.

2. Roof:

  1. Driver. Choice of driver has no influence on the mission, it will make it only a bit longer (you'll have to lose the police and then wait for the escape car). If you have already unlocked Taliana Martinez from the random event, she'll be an ideal choice. Otherwise, choose Denz again.
  2. Shooter. Better shooter should make this mission easier but, again, the difference isn't that big to be worth losing such a big part of the loot. You can choose freely the cheapest possible option.
  3. Hacker. Good hacker will lead you better in mini-games during this missions and turn on the sprinklers for the better visibility. But, again, it won't have a lot of influence. An ideal choice is Ricky, especially if you have chosen him at the Jewel Store.

The Big Score

The last big robbery may be played in obvious or subtle way. The first option is way more difficult, but may give you much better financial output than the other one.

1. Obvious:

  1. Train driver
  2. Helicopter driver. Choice doesn't matter, so take the cheapest ones. The ideal situation is Martinez and Denz if you had them in previous robberies. Summing up, they will want only 13% of loot for their high skills.
  3. Shooter
  4. Shooter. Mission requires using a lot of ammo, so you should choose the better crew (Packie, Chef). Difficulty level won't be insanely higher, so if you feel good, you will make this mission also with the cheapest ones. Choice is yours.

2. Subtle:

  1. Driver
  2. Driver. Their task is to drive the trucks on the tunnel. If you have the cheapest drivers, without any skills trained in previous mission, trucks will ride less equally. It doesn't make a difference, so take the cheapest one without hesitation: Martinez and Denz.
  3. Shooter
  4. Shooter. It's worth to have skilled companions. If you choose newbies, you'll lose part of money because they won't load it in time.
  5. Hacker. His task is to make the mini-game, in which you control lights to stop hostile vehicles, easier. Weaker hacker makes lamps react with a little lag, but the difference isn't too big. The ideal choice is Ricky who has already worked in one of robberies.
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