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News video games 14 October 2020, 21:01

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets Another Age Rating in Korea

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition appeared on the website of the Korean video game age rating agency. This is another confirmation of the existence of the re-mastered edition of the space opera trilogy and may herald an imminent announcement of the set.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition appears surprisingly often in reports for a game that has still not been announced by the publisher. Of course, official announcements are not the only way to confirm the existence of a game (or - as in this case - a game set). The appearance of the refreshed Mass Effect trilogy on the website of a Korean age rating agency can also be regarded as such .

The entry does not reveal any information about the set, nor does it confirm that it will actually include the first three installments of the Mass Effect series. Another thing is that the number of reports on the re-mastered trilogy suggests that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may be another candidate for the title of the industry's worst hidden secret. Perhaps the game will be revealed on the unofficial day of the seres, i.e. on November 7.

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