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News video games 21 February 2019, 15:17

author: Adrian Werner

Space Engineers Launches Next Week

Keen Software House announced that the full version of Space Engineers will launch next week. We've also learned the game's sales results and some details concerning the console edition, which was announced long ago.

Space Engineers Launches Next Week - picture #1
The game spent more than five years in early access.
  1. Developer: Keen Software House
  2. Publisher: Keen Software House
  3. Genre: Simulation
  4. Platforms: PC, and in the future also XONE
  5. Release date: February 28, 2019

We finally got to know the release date of the full version of Space Engineers, i.e. the cosmic sandbox game from Keen Software House. The creators announced that the project will leave early access on February 28, this year. At the same time, the production will receive a large update, thoroughly improving the survival aspects. On February 25, the server cleaning process will start and for this reason the servers will not be available until the release of the game.

We have been waiting for the game to leave early access for a long time, where the game debuted in October 2013. The release of the full version does not mean the end of Spece Engineers development. The developers intend to further improve the project and introduce new elements to it. The plans include additional functions, building modules and scenarios.

The game is now available only on PC and the release of the full version will not change this state of affairs. In 2014, the authors announced Xbox One port, but no new information was published about the project ever since. Now the creators have confirmed that they have not abandoned their plans to move Space Engineers to Microsoft's console. and will be able to devote more attention to it after the PC version leaves early access.

Keen Software House also boasted that sales of the game exceeded 3 million copies. Moreover, the production is still very popular - every month there are 200 thousand people playing Space Engineers.

The creators also informed that they are currently not working on any unannounced projects. For now, they want to focus exclusively on the development of their latest games, i.e. Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers.

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Space Engineers

Space Engineers

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