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News hardware & software 09 June 2019, 16:00

author: Jakub Mirowski

Xbox Scarlett Reveal on E3 2019

We can be reasonably sure that during today's Microsoft conference as part of the E3 2019 fair we will see the next console of the Redmond giant. This is indicated by a message hidden in photos published by the company.

Xbox Scarlett Reveal on E3 2019 - picture #1
During last year's E3, Microsofy confirmed that the company was working on a new generation of consoles, but it did not reveal its cards. During today's conference we will almost certainly learn more. / Source: Polygon.

In the absence of Sony during this year's E3 Microsoft will certainly want to grab all the attention for itself. The Redmond giant has already announced the presentation of 14 games by its studios (and that's without mentioning third-party teams), but the real highlight of the program may turn out to be something else. Rumors about the reveal of a new Xbox consoles at the Los Angeles trade fair have been making rounds on the web for several months, but now Microsoft itself has added fuel to the fire. The announcement of the company's next platform at today's conference is pretty guaranteed thanks to the message hidden in the photos published before the start of the E3.

As one of the Twitter users pointed out, three signs appeared on the three countdown photos published by the company - in the background, between the palm trees on the left side: R255, G36 and B0. Internet users quickly realized that the numbers refer to the RGB system - and it turned out that these specific values represent the color scarlet. This, in turn, ideally corresponds with the codename of the next-gen Microsoft console. The Redmond giant didn't even try to be too subtle about it and offered a free monthly Xbox Game Pass subscription to a user who discovered the secret message. Thus, we can be sure that during today's conference, starting at 1 PM, we will see the first ninth-generation console live.

Xbox Scarlett Reveal on E3 2019 - picture #2

The announcement of Microsoft's new device - particularly if, according to repeated reports, it has more powerful specsn than the PlayStation 5 - would put considerable pressure on Sony. This year, the Japanese have resigned from participating in the E3 for the first time in 24 years, and the Redmond giant apparently intends to take advantage of this absence. When can we expect a response from Sony, then? It seems that the most sensible opportunity will come during the December PlayStation Experience.

It is possible that we are talking about more than one platform, because according to numerous rumors there are two consoles hiding under the codename Xbox Scarlett. The first one, Lockhart, is to be a weaker model with no optical drive and only 1080p resolution. The second one, Anaconda, is reportedly a really powerful hardware, topping the already disclosed specs of the fifth PlayStation. How much truth there was in that information, we'll find out tonight.

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