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Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough by

Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

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Saints Row 2022: Best perks - unlocking, list of all Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

This page of the Saints Row 2022 game guide contains complete information about the best Perks. Thanks to it you will learn how to acquire talents and which of them work best during the gameplay.

Last update: 21 September 2022

This page of the guide contains information on perks available in Saints Row 2022. You'll learn how to acquire new perks and which ones are worth using.

Unlocking perks

1 - Saints Row 2022: Best perks - unlocking, list of all - Basics - Saints Row Guide, WalkthroughCompleting challenges rewards you with new perks - Saints Row 2022: Best perks - unlocking, list of all - Basics - Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

Completing challenges rewards you with new perks. They appear in the Perks app once unlocked. Remember to pay attention to the type of perk you're interested in. They come in three types - minor, major and elite. You can only have five perks equipped: two minor, two major and one elite.

To learn more about challenges and how to unlock them, check the Challenges - unlocking and rewards page.

Best minor perks

  1. Death Race - your running speed increases when close to death. It's great early on, letting you get away from enemies and regenerate some health.
  2. Fire Resistant - you don't take damage and don't lose balance when on fire.
  3. Dead Eye - killing an enemy with a headshot increases your reload speed.
  4. Loot Grab - you automatically collect nearby ammo and cash.
  5. Trampoline - you gain more height from wingsuit bounces, making traversal and side activities easier.

Best major perks

  1. Nihil Obstat - All non-player Saints deal more damage. This perk works excellent in singleplayer if you call in your gang members for help. It also works well during story missions.
  2. Fast Learner - all missions, activities and interactions grant more XP. This is an excellent perk early on.
  3. Scavenger - each collected ammo box grants more ammo. This perk lets you quickly gather a massive ammunition stockpile, making it very useful when traversing the world.

Best elite perk

  1. Saving Throw - this perk can save you from death. You'll gain two more health bars the moment your health is fully depleted. It can make a difference between completing your objective and returning to the previous checkpoint. Remember, though, that this perk comes with a cooldown.
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