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Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough by

Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

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Saints Row 2022: Wanted - a list of all assignments Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

On this page of the Saints Row 2022 game guide you will find a list of all Wanted tasks. For each of them you will receive $5000 and 1200 XP.

Last update: 21 September 2022

On this page of the Saints Row 2022 guide you can find a list of all Wanted assignments. Each completed assignment nets $5000 and 1,200 XP, and completing them all unlocks an achievement (Professional)

Wanted assignments - a list of all

  1. Snitches - this contract involves killing 2 opponents one after another. After eliminating the first target, you have 3 minutes to reach the second one and complete the contract.
  2. Necromancer - this contract involves one of the minigames (Castle Kraken). The enemy you need to get rid of is costumed and a large battle on the cemetery has to be fought in order to get him.
  3. Muscleheads - this contract involves driving a monster truck. You need to run over Los Panteros gang vehicles.
  4. Millennial - this activity involves helping Grandma locate the target of the mission. After reaching the destination, Grandma will eliminate the target.
  5. Un Mecanico - this assignment involves stealing a guarded vehicle and fighting in Los Panteros warehouse. There is a target to kill inside the warehouse.
  6. Backstabbers - during this contract, you have to steal a limousine and kill 2 targets in an unusual way. You'll align and park the limousine on train tracks so the targets inside it die as a result of a train crashing into them.
  7. Foreign Spy - you have to deal with a sniper hiding in the wastelands. Just go to the place where the target was last seen to get rid of your opponent and get your reward.
  8. Kart Queen - this one is a gokart race where you need to destroy the enemy vehicle. After the gokart is destroyed, the mission will end and you will receive your reward.
  9. Marshall Vip - in this task you have to attach a magnet to a limousine and make the target spill necessary information. After getting the information, taking care of the target is just a formality.
  10. Car Rustler - you need to plant a bomb on a vehicle. Your task is to reach the vehicle, put a bomb on it, and then place the car in front of the building.
  11. Litterbugs - In this task, you eliminate a Collective target protected by Idol gang members. To find him, you need to get rid of a group of enemies and then follow one of the escapees.
  12. Meth Cookery - during this one, you need to attach a trailer to the vehicle and deliver it to the marked location. This mission requires patience as not to destroy the vehicle in the process.
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