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Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough by

Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

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Saints Row 2022: Challenges - list, unlocking and rewards Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

This page of the Saints Row 2022 game guide contains complete information about the challenges available in this production. Thanks to it you will find out what challenges are in the game and what gives you to unlock them.

Last update: 21 September 2022

This page of the guide contains information on challenges available in Saints Row 2022. You'll learn about the challenges present in the game and the rewards they offer.

Unlocking challenges

Challenges become available after completing the Morning Commute main mission - Saints Row 2022: Challenges - list, unlocking and rewards - Basics - Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

Challenges become available after completing the Morning Commute main mission. One of its rewards is access to the Challenges app. You'll find it in the same section as the Missions app. You unlock new challenges by progressing the story, leveling up and opening new ventures.

We've described all available ventures on separate pages of the guide. Opening them and completing their questlines unlocks new challenges:

  1. JimRob's Workshop - this is the car repair shop that you will unlock as your first venture. Our walkthrough explains how to steal 10 different vehicles for JR.
  2. Bright Future - this venture is about finding trucks with toxic chemicals and delivering them in one piece. This venture costs $30,000 to set up and has a starting income of $1,250 an hour.
  3. Shady Oaks - This venture is about extorting money through insurance scams. You have to pay $30,000 to build Shady Oaks, and the starting income is $1,250 an hour.
  4. Castle Kraken - in this venture, you participate in huge battles to protect your area. The Castle is very easy to max out, giving you an incom of $3,750 an hour.
  5. Laundromat - as part of this venture, you must complete 6 orders for getting rid of cars. You have to pay $100,000 for this venture, but you will get $15,000 from it every hour before maxing it out.
  6. Chalupacabra - the venture requires stealing 4 food truck and then defending them. After this task, you will get additional cash income. This venture costs $30,000 to set up and has a starting income of $1,250 an hour.
  7. Eurekabator - this venture is about testing new items. Thanks to it, you can get items such as: Prototype RTP 62-8s, Quantum Aperture and Thrustbuster. In addition to new items, you will receive $45,000 an hour after maxing out the venture.
  8. Wuzyerz Repo - the venture requires you to complete 7 transports of various vehicles using a car with a rope with a hook. To start this venture, you have to spend $100,000 on the building.
  9. Cutting Edge - this venture is about finding unique materials-collectibles for a fashion designer. They can later be used as new skins, e.g. for weapons or outfits. For $400,000 you will get access to the venture that will earn you $138,000 every hour.
  10. Kakts Radio - Venture is about radio. To get 100%, you need to complete 21 tasks consisting of combat and using a wingsuit. You have to pay $400,000 for the venture to start getting your hourly income from it.
  11. First Strike Dojo - a venture that requires melee skills to max it out. Complete a few tasks with only melee weapons and you will earn some cash. You can buy this venture for $1,600,000.
  12. The Big One - a venture that requires you to perform a few Mayhems, i.e. side activities known from the previous installments. Getting 100% gives you extra cash income and XP. Maximizing this venture will give you an hourly income of $480,000.
  13. Let's Pretend - this venture is about performing 5 heists on various locations in the city. By maxing it out, you will receive an hourly income of $480,000.
  14. Planet Saints - A venture for a store to which you have to deliver trucks with equipment. You can come across them by driving in the venture's area. This venture will cost you $1,600,000.
  15. Saints' Tower - The last venture that gets maxed out right after building it. There are no tasks associated with it. This venture can be purchased after getting all the others. It costs $8,000,000.

Challenge rewards

Completing challenges rewards you with Perks - Saints Row 2022: Challenges - list, unlocking and rewards - Basics - Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

Completing challenges rewards you with Perks. These let you upgrade your character, influence your playstyle, combat style and hidden stats. Perks can affect the amount of ammo you can gather, your running speed, flow or even respawning after running out of health.

Aside from perks, you'll also be rewarded with XP. Most completed challenges reward you with 1,250 XP.

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