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Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough by

Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Saints Row 2022: All missions - list Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough

This page of the guide lists all the story missions in Saints Row 2022. There are dozens of tasks within the main storyline to complete.

Last update: 02 September 2022

The reboot of Saints Row from 2022 features over 30 main missions that are required to complete the campaign. On this page of the guide, you will find a list of all the main story quests. You have to complete them all to unlock the ending and advance to the endgame phase.

All story missions

  1. First F#@!ing Day - This is the prologue mission, in which you must, among others, learn the basics of combat, protect NPCs, and hunt down an enemy escaping by plane.
  2. Morning Commute - In this mission, you will learn the basics of car controls and traveling around the open world.
  3. Making Rent - You will learn how to deal with police chases, how to fight gang members and how to travel in the wilderness.
  4. Observe and Report - This is a larger mission featuring a convoy attack, in which you have to jump to successive vehicles, destroy enemy machines and defeat the mini-boss with a yellow shield bar.
  5. A Piece of the Action - In this mission, you will unlock your first venture, which is a car repair shop. You have to steal a container from the Idols and take it to JR.
  6. The Peter Principle - It's a mission with intense battles in the museum building. In the walkthrough, you will learn how to get to the Codex and how to escort it, and how to complete the cannon puzzle.
  7. Be Your Own Boss - You have to rescue allies. You will have to defeat the first member of the Collective.
  8. Take Me to Church - In this mission, you have to establish new headquarters for the Saints in an abandoned church. You must get the property deed and defeat the enemies.
  9. Office Decor - This mission is an introduction to the collectibles. During it, you will find the first one - a cannon.
  10. Networking - In this task the Saints help JR by destroying crates with parts. At the end of the mission, you will also unlock the criminal empire planning table.
  11. Neenah's Car - In this mission, you have to locate your companion's vehicle. You need, among others visit Gabriel's workshop and race against time on the way to the quarry.
  12. Forge - In this mission, the heroes attack the Los Panteros' car production facility. Our walkthrough explains what steps lead to the sabotage of the Forge and how to defeat the enemy mini-boss.
  13. Aggressive Recruiting - This is a unique mission on Boot Hill Island. Our walkthrough describes the rules of the tournament and tells you how to win.
  14. Shootin' the Shit - In this mission, you will have to shoot at flying objects at the shooting range. You will also learn how to defeat the Marshall squad and how to escape the mercenaries.
  15. The Fast and the Foodiest - In this mission, the heroes visit a few fast food restaurants in search of Kev's favorite meal and pursuit a delivery vehicle.
  16. Idol Threat - This mission requires you to find and save kidnapped Kev. You must, among others, win a bar fight, defuse bombs and defeat the idol mini-boss.
  17. The Dustmoot - A LARP game that you will learn more about during the story mission. The walkthrough explains how to get the outfit for the game, how to defeat enemies and how to collect loot.
  18. Drawing Heat - As you complete this mission, you will advance to Empire Tier 2. Defeat the police and lose the pursuit.
  19. The Frontier - An extensive mission during which you will infiltrate prison to rescue Nahualli. Our walkthrough explains how to avoid detection and how to properly escape from the Frontier facility.
  20. Body of Evidence - In this mission, you have to help JR get rid of the police. Apart from that, our walkthrough explains how to destroy all evidence from the warehouse and how to shoot down the helicopters.
  21. Idol Hands - This is one of the less complex missions in which you have to recover several dozen packages stolen by the Idols gang.
  22. Donut Run - In this mission, the main character has to defend themselves against numerous civilians. Our walkthrough explains how to remove the Wanted status.
  23. Corporate Retreat - During this camper trip, the heroes will have confrontations with members of two different gangs.
  24. The Great Train Robbery - In this mission, the Saints decide to steal money from the titular train. Our walkthrough describes the next wagons and sections of the train.
  25. Art Appreciation - In this quest, you have to fulfill Neenah's wish and steal 3 different sculptures, and then transport them safely to the Saints' residence.
  26. The Rod Warrior - This is the second task of the urban LARP game, in which you will take care of obtaining parts and building a unique Bowelrod vehicle.
  27. Unto the Breach - This is the final LARP mission, in which the main characters protect the Castle Kraken and attack the Ford Thunderpump to deal with the boss Gwen.
  28. Going Overboard - In this mission, the Saints set out in search of the previously lost Codex. You must, among others, get onto the luxury yacht and deal with two members of the Collective.
  29. Non-Compete Clause - In this mission, you attack the Marshall headquarters, in which you have to reach the next floors of the skyscraper and defeat the Gatling Gunner mini-boss.
  30. Severance Package - The main goal of this mission is to remove Atticus from Marshall's board of directors. It will be possible by taking over the AI tank and causing massive damage.
  31. Good Cop/Bad Cop - In this mission, the Saints try to force Police Chief Michaels to divert her attention from their criminal empire. You have to intimidate her with a helicopter.
  32. After Party - This is the first of the final missions of the campaign in which the main character visits the party and tries to get out of the nightmare.
  33. High Noon - You re-visit the fictional town of Silver Gulch and have to find a mercenary that can be interrogated.
  34. Showdown - This is the last mission of the main storyline, in which you have to attack the casino, save your friends and defeat the final boss. Our walkthrough describes the ending and the endgame phase.

Additional information about the main missions

1 - Saints Row 2022: All missions - list - Walkthrough - Saints Row Guide, Walkthrough
  1. You can check and start the available missions thanks to the Missions application on your smartphone. Some quests have additional requirements related to, for example, sufficient development of your ventures.
  2. Sometimes you may have several missions to choose from and you can then complete them in a different order than the one in our walkthrough. It's a good idea to choose missions with good rewards first (e.g. unique weapons, new ventures).
  3. You can abort and restart missions from the pause menu. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of repeating them. However, there are no collectibles in them that you could miss.
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