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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Baldurs Gate 3: All missions list Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough

In BG3 you can pass main quests, side quests and companion quests. On this page of the guide is a list of all Baldurs Gate 3 quests, which we have divided into the main acts of the campaign.

Last update: 14 November 2023

This guide page contains a compilation of all available quests. We have included main quests, side quests and quests assigned by companions. Using our list will make it easier for you to discover and complete 100% of the quests available in the game.


  1. Escape the Nautiloid - This is a prologue quest placed on the Nautiloid ship. You will find out, among other things, how to recruit My, Laezel and Gloomy Heart, how to defeat mind flayers, how to reach the captain's bridge and sabotage the Nautiloid ship.

Act 1

  1. Removing the Parasite - This is a main quest unlocked in the prologue but primarily associated with Act 1. We have compiled quests about ways to get rid of the parasite in the protagonist's brain.
  2. Overgrown Ruins - It is a mission to unlock and explore the Overgrown Ruins. From the guide, you will find out where the dungeon is located and discover all the techniques to get inside.
  3. Child's trial - It's a quest from the Druid's Grove related to the imprisoned little girl Arabella. You will find out whether Arabella can be saved and what the confrontation with Khaga looks like.
  4. Lae'zel in a cage - The walkthrough explains where Laezel is imprisoned, what are the variants of confrontation with the devils, and how to free and recruit the githyanki woman.
  5. Get help from Healer Nettie - In this mission you can meet the healer Nettie in the Druid's Grove. The guide tells how to find an antidote for poison.
  6. Deal With Auntie Ethel - As part of this quest, you must find Aunt Ethel in the Tea House by the river. You will find out how to get to the marshes, where the hut is, and how to respond to the offer of removing the worm.
  7. Rescue the gnome - This is a quest from the Blighted Village, in which a group of goblins is abusing Barcus. We described this confrontation along with how to stop a windmill.
  8. Save the Goblin Sazza - The titular character is Sazza imprisoned in the Druid's Grove. Our solution explains how to behave in the case of executing Sazza, how to open the cage, and how to lead Sazza out of the grove.
  9. Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help - during this quest, the party will meet with Priestess Gut at the Goblin Camp. We're telling how to get to the Destroyed Sanctuary and how to successfully complete the potion drinking scene.
  10. Teahouse - This is a quest given by the Johl and Demir brothers and concerns Auntie Ethel. In our walkthrough, we explain where to find Mayrina and how to investigate the secret area of the witch's area.
  11. Find the Missing Shipment - This is a mission from the The Risen Road, in which you can help a group of survivors. We suggest, among other things, how to find out the password and how to meet with Rugan's colleagues.
  12. Hunt the Devil - It's an important mission associated with the Karlach Tiefling hidden in the Risen Road region. We have described all mission variants - killing Karlach or killing Anders and other paladins.
  13. Rescue the Trapped Man - In the Waukeen's Rest region, there is a burning estate. In the walkthrough, we explain where to find and how to save Benryn and Mira.
  14. Search the Cellar - This mission concerns the necromancy book you found in a basement of one of the buildings in the Blighted Village. In the walkthrough, we hint whether to destroy or open the book.

Act 2

  1. Reach the Moonrise Towers - One of the main quests in act 2. In the walkthrough, we suggest how to get to the Moonrise Towers.
  2. Find the Nightsong - A quest you received in act 1. We answer how to find Nightsong and how this is related to the main story quest.
  3. Attack on the Moonrise Towers - The final quest of act 2. On this page, we explain the fights in this quest and how to complete it.
  4. Wake Up Art Cullagh - A quest related to Halsin and the shadow curse. We suggest, how to wake up the mysterious man.
  5. Remove the shadow curse - Halsin's loyalty quest. On this page of the guide, you will learn how to remove the shadow curse and keep Halsin in the party.
  6. Save Arabella's parents - The quest is only available if Arabella survived act 1. We answer how to find Arabella's parents.
  7. Punish the Wicked - A side quest given by a mysterious elf in act 2. You will learn how to find what the elf needs.

Act 3

  1. Confront the Elder Brain - Main quest in act 3. We describe how to complete and win the battles encountered during it.
  2. Consider Gortash's Bargain - A quest that opens one of three ways to obtain Netherstones. We answer how to start an alliance with Gortash.
  3. Destroy the Elder Brain - The last quest in the game. On this page of the guide you will learn how to defeat the Elder Brain.
  4. Find the Missing Letters - Side quest in the first region of act 3. In the walkthrough, we explain where you can find the lost letters.
  5. Find the 'Stern Librarian' Ffion - Side quest in Rivington. We explain how to find Ffion.
  6. Investigate the Murders - One of the main quests in act 3, related to Orin. On this page of the guide, you will learn how to solve the murders in Baldur's Gate.
  7. Get Orin's Netherstone - A quest related to the main plot. On this page of the guide you will learn how to defeat Orin and obtain her Netherstone.
  8. Help the Devilish Ox - Another side quest in Rivington. The walkthrough explains how to earn the ox's gratitude and complete his task.
  9. Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders - A side quest in Rivington, which is related to murders in the city. You will learn how to find the perpetrator.
  10. Gather allies - Main quest in act 3. On this page of the guide, you will learn which allies can be recruited for the final battle.
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