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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Baldurs Gate 3: Ranger - best build Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough

On this page of our guide to BG3 we've explained how to build an optimal Ranger. We've described the available races, subclasses and gave advise on how to distribute attribute points.

Last update: 28 November 2023

Ranger is another quite universal class in Baldur's Gate 3, allowing you to fight both in close combat and at a distance. This guide explains how to create a Ranger focused on ranged combat, which attributes to focus on the most and which feats to choose.

You can find more basic information about the class and character creation on the page Ranger - BG3 guide. We recommend getting acquainted with this page if this is your first contact with the class or the D&D system.

Character creation wizard

The best race for a Ranger is a Wood Elf - Baldurs Gate 3: Ranger - best build - Ranger - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

The best race for a Ranger is a Wood Elf. Thanks to the increased movement speed, natural proficiency in Stealth, resistance to certain crowd control effects, and Darkvision, this race allows for effective playthrough with a class of our interest.

Drow can be an alternative here, although the only significant advantage is better Darkvision (a difference of 12m) and the spell Faerie Fire.

As far as the origin is concerned, the best choice will be the Outlander - proficiency in Survival and Athletics will definitely be needed.

Class progression

  1. At level 1, you choose a Favoured Enemy and Natural Explorer. Both of these skills add certain bonuses to your class. In the case of the first one, we recommend choosing Bounty Hunter and for the second one - Beast Tamer.
  2. Level 2 is the choice of fighting style - in this case, choose Archery. In addition, you receive two spells - choose Hunter's Mark and Cure Wounds.
  3. Level 3 is the choice of subclass - this build is based on Hunter. Choose Colossus Slayer - this ability will allow you to deal an additional 1d8 damage every turn.
  4. Level 4 lets you pick a feat - the recommended choice is Sharpshooter, which will allow for a penalty of -5 hit points to add +10 to the damage dealt.
  5. Level 5 is primarily an additional attack and additional spells. Choose Spiked Growth and Pass without Trace.
  6. At level 6, again, you get to choose a Favored Enemyand Natural Explorer. Choose Wasteland Wanderer (one of the available variants) and Ranger Knight.
  7. Level 7 includes additional spells and defensive tactics. Choose Multiattack Defense.
  8. Level 8 brings another feat - in this case, choose to increase the attribute (ultimately +2 to Dexterity). Additionally, you gain a the Land's Stride ability, which prevents difficult terrain from slowing you down.
  9. At level 9, you receive additional spells - you can choose Conjure Barrage and Lightning Arrow.
  10. Level 10 brings another choice in the Favoured Enemy and Natural Explorer categories. At this stage, follow your intuition and choose what you feel you miss the most.
  11. Level 11 doesn't bring any feats.
  12. The last level is an additional feat. You can choose to increase the attribute to have 20 Dexterity.

Ilithild Powers

Don't be afraid to unlock and use these skills - focus especially on Cull the Weak, Repulsor and Black Hole. Unleashing the full power of Ilithild Powers doesn't affect the character negatively, so leave all tadpoles for yourself.

Party members - their skills and spells

In terms of companions, choose Astarion, Lae'zel and Shadowheart without changing their classes. Lae'zel will be a strong frontline, Astarion will open every lock and deal the right amount of damage when necessary. Shadowheart, on the other hand, will be able to heal you and solve many problems with the help of magic.

Equipment and bonuses from it

In Act I, there are several intriguing items to acquire. The strongest ones are listed below:

Try to get the Titanstring Bow, which allows you to add a Strength modifier to your damage. Besides, create a medium armor in the Grymforge.

Additionally, items like Disintegrating Night Walkers that you get in the Underdark or the Crusher's Ring from the Goblin Camp are items that increase your mobility - Baldurs Gate 3: Ranger - best build - Ranger - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Additionally, items like Disintegrating Night Walkers that you get in the Underdark or the Crusher's Ring from the Goblin Camp are items that increase your mobility.

In Act III, focus on obtaining items such as Gontr Mael, which is a legendary bow. You'll obtain it after killing the Steel Watcher Titan in the Steel Watch Foundry. Additionally, Helm of Balduran is an item that increases your persistence and defensive abilities. Finally, Bloodthirst is an item that reduces the number you need to roll get a critical hit by +1. You get it after killing Orin.


Below you will find a list of consumables that will make your Ranger even stronger:

1 - Baldurs Gate 3: Ranger - best build - Ranger - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough
  1. Oil of Accuracy - provides +2 to Attack Rolls.
  2. Elixir of Heroism - gives additional 10HP temporarily and applies "Blessed" status.
  3. Potion of Flying - additional mobility is something that is always needed.
  4. Potion of Hill Giant Strength - perfect if you don't have 20 Strength yet.
  5. Elixir of Vigilance - provides +5 to Initiative, make sure to drink it before tougher battles.
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