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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

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Baldurs Gate 3: Race Elf guide Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough

Do you want to play Elf in BG3? We've prepared for you a guide with the most important information about this race, what classes are the best to choose for an Elf and what features they have.

Last update: 05 October 2023

The beautiful and long-lived inhabitants of Faerun fit quite well into the classic image of an Elf known from Western fantasy canon. Despite their somewhat stereotypical characterization, Elves are still extremely intriguing creatures of numerous talents, which makes them a tempting option in Baldur's Gate 3's character wizard.

After leaving early access, BG3 abandoned the theme of bonuses to skills characteristic of each race - Baldurs Gate 3: Race Elf guide - Races - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Basic stats and race abilities

After leaving early access, BG3 abandoned the theme of bonuses to skills characteristic of each race. From now on, every player can choose a +1 and +2 bonus to any stat, regardless of race. This means that choosing a race will mainly influence the appearance of your character and the presence of appropriate race abilities.

Base race speed: The distance you can travel each turn is 9 meters.

Darkvision: up to 12 meters.

Elven Weapon Training

Thanks to appropriate training, representatives of this race are proficient in using long and short swords and bows.

This perk will prove particularly useful in situations when your chosen class cannot use certain weapons proficiently.

Fey Ancestry

Their magical lineage and close connection to the Feywild plane gives the Elves advantage on saving throws against being charmed.

This race is also immune to all forms of magical sleep. This feature is most likely related to the fact that in the Forgotten Realms universe, Elves do not feel the need to sleep.

These properties make elven characters much better suited to fighting opponents who cast debuffs on the party.


High Elf

Mystical and graceful, the representatives of this group are known for their magical talents. These are manifested by the natural knowledge of one spell from among the cantrips available to the Wizard class.

The Feat used by the high elf to cast said cantrip is Intelligence.

Wood Elf

The inhabitants of the forest wilderness display an incredible dexterity. Their natural movement speed is increased by 1.5 meters compared to other Elves and amounts to a total of 10.5 meters.

Best class for an Elf

Although Elves seem to be extremely versatile creatures, it may be a good idea to choose the Mage class as the profession of an Elven character. This race's charm resistance and High Elf's bonus cantrip create a great combination for a powerful spellcaster. Though Mages are usually not associated with using weapons, natural proficiency in handling a chosen weapon could prove vital in crisis situations.

Agile and fast, Wood Elf could be useful as either a highly mobile fighter, a hunter, or a rogue.

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