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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

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Baldur's Gate 3: Sorcerers guide BG3 Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough

In Baldur's Gate 3 you want to play an Sorcerers, but don't know how to go about it? This guide page will make it easier for you to take your first steps within this class.

Last update: 24 July 2023

Sorcerers have a natural ability to use magic originating from their natural talent inherited from their ancestors. Depending on who the protagonist's ancestors were, the magic of the Sorcerers manifests in various forms. However, a strong character mastering magic is undoubtedly a wonderful companion during a journey through the dangerous Sword Coast.

Best race for Sorcerer

In the full release of Baldur's Gate 3, the developers have removed exclusive racial bonuses. From now on, when choosing a race, you can add +2 and +1 bonuses to any stat you'd like. Despite this, some racial abilities come in handy for certain classes.

  1. High Elf - this subrace grants you access to one additional cantrip. Useful when composing a spell list.
  2. Human - proficiency in light armor could come in handy when creating a non-Draconic Heritage Sorcerer.

Ability Points

When distributing skill points in the character creator, make sure to invest many points in Charisma. Besides it, consider allocating the rest of available points in:

  1. Constitution provides a few extra Hit Points and helps maintain focus when casting spells requiring concentration.
  2. Dexterity - a higher status of this ability will give you a few additional armor points.

Best background for Sorcerer

When choosing your background, it's worth going for choices with numerous Charisma-based skills. This will complete your hero's build.

  1. Criminal proficient in Deception will help to lead your interlocutors astray. Charlatan also offers similar proficiency.
  2. Noble with proficiency in Persuasion will help you convince the heroes of your point of view.

Sorcery Points and Metamagic

The main mechanics of Sorcerers. Sorcery Points, available from level 2, you can use to enhance the effects of your spells. The most interesting Metamagic effects include:

  1. Quickened Spell with which you can cast a chosen spell as a bonus action.
  2. Extended Spell, which doubles the duration of a given spell effect.
  3. Twinned Spell, which causes the selected spell to apply its effect not to 1 but to 2 creatures simultaneously.

Advancing on the subsequent Sorcerer's level will give you access to additional Sorcery Points and Metamagic effects. Using them skilfully will give you an advantage during encounters with dangerous enemies.

Flexible spellcasting also allows you to exchange available Spell Slots for Sorcery Points and vice versa. Sorcery Points regenerate after each Long Rest.

Best spells for Sorcerer

The Sorcerer has access to a wide range of useful spells. Among the most interesting are:


  1. Fire Bolt - a ranged attack dealing 1d10 damage.
  2. Bone Chill - a spell dealing 1d8 damage and preventing the target from healing in the next turn. Additionally, undead targets receive a penalty during an attack.
  3. Mage Hand - a useful cantrip that allows you to manipulate objects from a distance.


  1. Mage Armour - an unarmored target receives an Armour Class equal to 13 and its Dexterity modifier. Especially useful when playing a Sorcerer other than the Draconic Bloodline subclass.
  2. Magic Missile - the spell creates 3 projectiles that deal 1d4+1 damage to the target each. They never miss.
  3. Thunderwave - a wave of energy causing 2d8 damage and pushing everything away in its path.
  4. Chromatic Orb - a powerful spell inflicting 3d8 damage. The type of damage can be modified, and casting the spell using higher-level Slots further increases the damage.
  5. Hold Person - paralyzes selected target. Great in combination with the metamagic Twinned Spell.
  6. Cloud of Daggers - an offensive AOE level 2 spell, inflicting 4d4 damage.
  7. Fireball - a classic offensive level 3 spell, dealing powerful 8d6 damage.

When choosing the Sorcerer's spell repertoire, remember their potential synergy with Metamagic effects.

Best subclass for Sorcerer

Sorcerers, unlike other spell users, are born magic wielders using their inherited potential. For this reason, the subclasses of the Sorcerers will be based on the background of a given hero.

Draconic Bloodline - the magical power inherent in this subclass comes from dragon blood, which was introduced into the family generations ago. Draconic Resilience provides the hero with an additional Hit Point for each level of the Sorcerer class. Additionally, the scales covering the body of the dragon Sorcerer increase his Armour Class by 3 when he is not wearing any armor. Depending on which type of dragon was the ancestor of your Sorcerer, you can use a range of diverse effects:

  1. Red Dragon - Your hero acquires fire resistance over time, and spells based on this element inflict more damage. You also learn a spell Burning Hands.
  2. White Dragon - The Sorcerer at the appropriate level acquires cold resistance, and attacks related to cold become more powerful. The hero learns the spell Armour of Agathys.
  3. Black Dragon - This Draconic Ancestry is associated with Acid resilience and damage bonuses. The Sorcerer learns the spell Grease.

When choosing your Draconic Ancestry, remember not to accidentally duplicate the spells with ones received with Draconic Bloodline

Wild Magic - this subclass is associated with the Sorcerer's inherited magical potential, which manifests from time to time in the form of sudden and unexpected effects. A characteristic feature of this specialization is the random effect of wild magic, which can be activated when the Sorcerer casts a spell of level 1 or higher. The effects of wild magic can be positive (for example, an additional action, restoring Hit Points) and negative (uncontrolled transformation of the Sorcerer or their environment, unexpected attack towards an ally), and their effect is determined by blind luck. The effect of the Tide of Chaos allows the hero to gain an advantage during the next roll but, at the same time, increases the chance of a random effect occurring when casting the next spell.

Storm Sorcerer - an elemental spellcaster wielding air. It is characterized by high mobility and numerous offensive spells with air and electricity element affinity. Their Tempestuous Magic ability lets them fly as a bonus action after casting at least a spell of at least Level 1. Flight lasts until the end of their turn and it doesn't provoke opportunity attacks.

It's also worth noting Sorcerers must choose their subclass on level 1. For this reason, think carefully about which one you want to play.

Best build for Sorcerer

In the end, we present to you an example build for the Sorcerer:

  1. Race: High Elf
  2. Subclass: Draconic Bloodline
  3. Backround: Noble
  4. Abilities: Charisma and Constitution around 16, Dexterity around 14, Wisdom and Intelligence around 11, Strength around 8.
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