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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

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Baldur's Gate 3: All Legendary items Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough

In BG3 you will find many legendary items that will come in handy during the adventure. On this page of the guide you will learn about the most powerful of legendary items.

Last update: 31 May 2024

Among the many items you will find in Baldurs Gate 3, some of them have a special orange frame. It is a sign that you have received a legendary item. This page contains a list of them, along with information on where to find them.

Shapeshifter's Mask

This helmet lets you temporarily change race appearance once per long rest. You receive this item by purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the Baldur's Gate 3. You will find it in your stash at the camp.

Blood of Lathander

You have the opportunity to find this mace at the end of Act I. You must go to the Rosymorn Monastery, and then continue the storyline of Githyanki. Look for a hidden room where you will find a puzzle. Remember to have the Dawnmaster's Crest in your possession, as it will be necessary to get this weapon.


  1. 1d6 3 bludgeoning

Bonus abilities:

  1. Lathander's Blessing: If your HP drops to zero, restore 2-12 HP and allies 1-6 HP once per long rest.
  2. Lathander's Light: Within six meters radius, fiends and the undead are blinded unless they make a successful Constitution Saving Throw.
  3. Spell: Sunbeam
  4. Weapon Enchantment: 3

Shar's Spear of the Evening

Obtaining this weapon is ridiculously simple - simply encourage Shadowheart to complete the trial in Act 2. Right after it ends, you will receive this weapon.


  1. 1d8(1d6) 5 piercing
  2. Shar's Blessing - Advantage for Saving Throws while Lightly or Heavily Obscured. You deal an additional damage - 1d6 to creatures Lightly or Heavily Obscured.
  3. Blind Immunity - You cannot be blinded.
  4. Spell: Shar's Darkness
  5. Weapon Enchantment: 3

Bonus abilities:

Selune's Spear of Night

Instead of ending the above trial, you need to convince Shadowheart not to finish it and then to spare Nightsong. Then you have to defeat Ketheric and save Nightsong again. Only then, at the beginning of Act III, will you receive this weapon.


  1. 1d8(1d6) 5 piercing
  2. Selune's Blessing - You receive an advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws and Perception checks.
  3. Darkvision - You can see in the darkness up to 12 meters.
  4. Spell: Moonbeam and Moonmote
  5. Weapon Enchantment: 3

Bonus abilities:

Orphic Hammer

In Act III, go to the House of Hope and agree to Rafael's proposal. You can also simply steal the weapon from under his nose.


  1. 1d10(1d8) 3 bludgeoning

Bonus abilities:

  1. Spell Resistance - Advantage on Saving Throws against spells.
  2. Class Action: Unshackling Strike
  3. Weapon Enchantment: 3

Helldusk Armor

One of the best armors in the game. Obtaining it requires defeating Raphael, but it's definitely worth the effort.

Armor Class: 21

Bonus abilities:

  1. Helldusk Armor - You gain Proficiency in using this armor.
  2. Infernal Retribution - When you succeed in a Saving Throw, the character casting a spell is set on fire for three turns.
  3. Prime Aegis of Fire - Resistance to fire damage, you cannot be set on fire, and you receive -3 damage from all elements.
  4. Spell: Fly

Gloves of Soul Catching

To obtain these gloves, you must first get the Orphic Hammer, then free Hope and defeat Raphael, who is stopping you.

Bonus abilities:

  1. Soul Fist - Unarmed attacks deal additional damage ranging from 1 to 10.
  2. Soul Catching - Once per turn, an unarmed attack restores 1- HP. Alternatively, you can receive an Advantage on Attack Rolls and  Saving Throws to the end of the turn.
  3. Attribute bonus: +2 to construction

Crimson Mischief

In Act III, you have to defeat Orin in the Temple of Bhaal. When you loot her, you will get this shortsword.


  1. 1d8 piercing, 1d4 necrotic, 1d4 piercing

Bonus abilities:

  1. Prey Upon the Weak - You deal additional damage from 1 to 4 against targets with less than 50% HP.
  2. Redvein Savagery - If this weapon is the primary one, you deal 7 additional damage against targets.
  3. Crimson Weapon - If this weapon is a secondary weapon, you add your Ability Modifier to the damage of the attack.
  4. Weapon Enchantment: 2


In Act III, you have to defeat Orin in the Temple of Bhaal. When you loot her, you will receive this dagger.


  1. 1d8 2 piercing

Bonus abilities:

  1. Improved Critical - The number you have to roll Critical roll is reduced by one, and the effect can stack.
  2. Exploit Weakness - If this weapon is the main hand, opponents receive vulnerability to piercing damage.
  3. True Strike Riposte - If this weapon is off-hand, opponents who miss your character receive a True Strike. +1 to Armour Class.
  4. Weapon Enchantment: 2
  5. Spell: True Strike

Helm of Balduran

To get this helmet, you need to defeat Ansura.

Bonus abilities:

  1. Balduran's Vitality - You heal 2 HP at the start of each turn.
  2. Balduran's Favor - You receive +1 to Armour Class and Saving Throws.
  3. Stun Immunity - You receive immunity to stun.
  4. Critical Immunity - Opponents cannot land Critical Hit you.

Balduran's Giantslayer

To receive this two-handed sword, you have to save Duke Ravengard and escape. Next, you will find out about the place where you can take the trials and fight with Ansur. In his corpse, you will find this weapon.


  1. 2d6 3 slashing

Bonus abilities:

  1. Giantslayer - You double your Strength Modifier and receive Advantage on Large, Huge, or Gargantuan targets.
  2. Weapon Enchantment: 3
  3. Class Action: Giant Form

Gontr Mael

To get this bow, you must defeat the Steel Watcher Titan in the Steel Watch Foundry.


  1. 1d8 8 piercing

Bonus abilities:

  1. Promised Victory - A chance to inflict a Guiding Bolt on a target when you hit it.
  2. Gontr Mael Glowing - Within a six meter radius, you emanate glowing light.
  3. Weapon Enchantment: 3
  4. Spell: Celestial Haste

Duellist's Prerogative

You will find this rapier in Act III with the help of Vanra. Complete the task for her and Mayrina, and as a reward, you will receive the rapier.


  1. 1d8 8 piercing, 2 piercing

Bonus abilities:

  1. Elegant Duelist - If you don't have a secondary weapon, your Critical Hit starts at 19, not 20. You are receiving an additional reaction.
  2. Withering Cut - When you hit, you can use the reaction to deal additional necrotic damage.
  3. Weapon Enchantment: 3
  4. Spell: Challenge to Duel
  5. Weapon Action: Dueler's Enthusiasm


You get this quarterstaff continuing the Nightsong storyline in Act III. The quarterstaff is behind the magic barrier, which you can deactivate by jumping off the balcony.


  1. 1d8(1d6) 1 bludgeoning

Bonus abilities:

  1. Arcane Enchantment: You receive +1 to spell Save Throw and spell attack rolls.
  2. Arcane Battery: The next spell won't cost you Spell slots.
  3. Weapon Enchantment: 2
  4. Spell: Kereska's Favor


You receive this trident when you successfully rob Akabi in the Circus of Last Days. After that, you will be teleported to the location where at the end is a chest with the weapon.


  1. 1d8(1d6) 3 piercing

Bonus abilities:

  1. Zephyr Connection - The weapon returns to you each time it is thrown. You cannot be disarmed. When the weapon is thrown, it creates an explosion dealing 3 to 12 damage.
  2. Veil of the Wind - You receive a +3 bonus to speed and jump, and you are immune to fall damage.
  3. Nyrulna Glowing - The weapon shines with a glowing light in a radius of 6m.
  4. Weapon Enchantment: 3

Viconia's Walking Fortress

This shield can be obtained in Act III. Following the storyline of Shadowheart, you have to kill Viconia DeVir and loot her.

Armour Class bonus: 3

Bonus abilities:

  1. Rebuke of the Might - When you are hit by a melee attack, use a reaction to deal 2 to 8 damage to the opponent knocking him down, unless he passes a Dexterity check.
  2. Spellguard - You have an advantage on Saving Throws against spells, and spell Attack Rolls against you have a disadvantage.
  3. Spells: Reflective Shield, Warding Bond
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