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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

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Baldurs Gate 3: Race Githyanki Guide Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough

Do you prefer to play a warrior in BG3? The Githynaki race is best suited for this. In this BG3 guide you will find all the most important racial features of Githyanki.

Last update: 05 October 2023

Representatives of the Githyanki people have been in the captivity of Mind Flayers for hundreds of years. Liberation from the yoke of their ruthless masters hardened the representatives of this race and turned them into excellent warriors of many talents. This page will familiarize you with the mysteries of the Githyanki race. The collected information will help you decide whether these creatures will work in the role of your preferred character.

After leaving early access, BG3 abandoned the mechanic of adding bonuses to stats depending on race - Baldurs Gate 3: Race Githyanki Guide - Races - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Basic stats and race abilities

After leaving early access, BG3 abandoned the mechanic of adding bonuses to stats depending on race. From now on, every player can choose a +1 and +2 bonus to any stat, regardless of race. This means that choosing a race will mainly influence the appearance of your character and the presence of appropriate race abilities.

Base race speed: The distance you can travel each turn is 9 meters.

Martial Prodigy

The intense training that members of this race undergo from a young age ensures that Githyanki are excellent at handling weapons and armor.

Githyanki are skilled with swords (short, long, and two-handed) and can wear light to medium armor.

Astral Knowledge

Astral Knowledge allows a Githyanki to gain proficiency in any skill tied to a specific ability.

The action's effect can only be used once and regenerates after a long rest.

Githyanki Psionics

The psionic abilities of this race enable its representatives to use effects identical to the following spells:

At level 1, Githyanki gains the ability to cast Mage Hand. The phantom limb enables you to control and manipulate objects from a long distance (up to 18 meters).

At level 3, Psionics unlocks the ability to use the Jump spell. Magical acrobatics enables the user to move up by to 22.5 meters.

At level 5, a Githyanki learns the Misty Step spell, which enables the user to teleport to a visible location.

All of Githyanki psionic spells can be used once per long rest.

Best class for a Githyanki

A wide range of proficiencies and access to useful psionic spells on the battlefield make Githyanki the ideal material for a hero standing on the front line. The Fighter, Barbarian or Paladin classes are perfect for this race.

An interesting option may also be a hybrid of a warrior and a spellcaster, such as the Warlock.

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