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News video games 09 March 2020, 01:50

author: Mathias Zulpo

Last Week in Gaming – Catch up With all the Important News (March 2-8)

Catch up with last week’s news and features to get back into the loop again. From March 2 to March 8, 2020, here’s everything you need to know.

Welcome to Gamepressure’s week summary. Here’s all the news and stories you need to catch up with before you start a new gaming week.

Last Week in Gaming – Catch up With all the Important News (March 2-8) - picture #1

Last week’s headline: Valve gets things sorted out

  1. Half-Life 3 might come into existence after all, as Valve designer said that Half-Life Alyx would be a “return to this [Half-Life] world, not the end of it.” I want to believe. Read the full interview here.
  2. Valve Index was getting restocked after almost a month of absence. It is to become available today, on March 9. Bad news: Valve said it would sell out in no time. So hurry up – here’s every link you’ll ever need to purchase your kit.
  3. 10 minutes of brand new Half-Life Alyx gameplay footage got released. It was all about movement – namely, 4 types of movement – and the usual stuff, like killing zombies, beholding the Citadel, and trying not to be eaten alive by barnacles. It lacked one thing, however. Watch the gameplay below:

Bethesda owned the weekend

  1. First, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vice president of marketing, said in an interview that Fallout 76 wasn’t a mistake. Instead, it was an experiment. He then proceeded to compare Fallout 76 to Horizon Zero Dawn. Go figure.
  2. Then came the Reddit leaker – and told the world about the supposed 2025 release date of The Elder Scrolls VI (at best). He also dropped lots of info regarding the game, like the setting, combat rebalance, and his personal opinion on High Elves. Read the whole thing.
  3. Later, the leaker began describing Starfield. And man, that description was glorious. Made me think it was Todd Howard who was leaking the entire thing all along. If you want to know what’s (supposedly) so great about Starfield, then again, head over here.
Last Week in Gaming – Catch up With all the Important News (March 2-8) - picture #2
See that mountain over there? You won’t be able to climb it for some time.

Monday, March 2

  1. Plague Inc. disappeared from Chinese App Store. According to an official statement, it “included content that was illegal in China as determined by the Cyberspace Administration of China.” Read the developer’s response here.
  2. Hideo Kojima revealed the release date of Death Stranding’s PC version. (Spoiler: it’s June 2.) If the pc version itself wasn’t fancy enough, photo mode is also coming to the game (and Kojima couldn’t miss a chance to show it off). And a headcrab. Yeah, for real.
  3. Final Fantasy VII Remake demo made a surprising appearance in PlayStation Store. It features the sword, the minigun, a giant scorpion, and a nuclear reactor. (Or the entire prologue, if you wish). Learn all about it – and download it if you haven’t already. In case you can’t, you can watch this official walkthrough from PlayStation:

Tuesday, March 3

  1. E3 2020 organizers decided they weren’t giving a crap about coronavirus. At least for the time being. So the preparations are moving full steam ahead. That’s probably outstanding news for all the people who will attend the expo this year, even if there will only be 5 of them. Here’s what the organizers have to say.
  2. Apple admitted it had been slowing down iPhones 6 and 7. Now they will pay up to $500 million in compensations to the people who felt they were ripped off. If you were one of the “batterygate” victims, here’s what to do in order to get (some of) your money back.
  3. Resident Evil 3 Remake got compared to its 1999 predecessor. Improved visuals aside, turned out the game got way more spacious. Watch GameSpot’s comparison below:

Wednesday, March 4

  1. Non-sponsored message: Be the gamer who invents the cure for coronavirus. Just play Foldit, an online game created by scientists for… normal people. Here’s how you can help fight the disease.
  2. Leak suggested that Bloodborne 2 was not in development. Silver lining: FromSoftware is working on several games right now. One of them is Elden Ring. If you didn’t hear about it, here’s a handful of details.
  3. An avalanche of leaks indicated that Call of Duty Warzone, or PUBG: CoD Edition, would be an independent, free-to-play gamemode releasing March 10. The entire Warzone map also got leaked a day later. And as you can see below, it doesn’t look fake. Brace yourself for Tuesday.
Last Week in Gaming – Catch up With all the Important News (March 2-8) - picture #3
Guess what subreddit the map leaked on.

Thursday, March 5

  1. Black Mesa left Early Access. Almost 8 years since its debut, it finally happened, and the 1.0 version arrived on Steam after a looong train ride. Here’s everything you need to know, including the price and further plans regarding the title.
  2. The Last of Us got its own HBO TV show. The series will be created by both Neil Druckmann, the creator of the game, and Craig Mazin, Chernoby screenwriter. Nothing reads “post-apocalyptic” like this kind of news.
  3. Ghost of Tsushima got a story trailer and a release date. It’s June again, and the month is shaping up to be one of the densest in terms of new game releases in recent years. Watch the trailer below and choose your collector’s edition:

Friday, March 6

  1. Sony won this generation. As long as console sales are concerned, at least. Clocking in at around 109 million PlayStation 4s sold, Microsoft was left behind with only 41 million Xbox Ones shipped to consumers. Here's all the data.
  2. A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remaster was said to launch this year. It all depends on whether Warzone turns out a free-to-play battle royale of something completely different, however. Read how these two connect.
  3. Amnesia got reborn with Frictional Games’ announcement of Amnesia: Rebirth. A bunch of screenshots and an unsettling trailer is all the nightmare fuel there is for now. The game is set to release this fall:

Thank you for sticking around till the end. See you next Monday. Now, off you go to get some fresh news.

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