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News video games 16 August 2019, 19:44

author: Frozen

Epic Games Store Introduces Cloud Saves in Subsequent Games

Epic Games Store has added new titles that offer the ability to save the state of the game in the cloud. In addition, the store has received the Humble Bundle and Humble Store integration announced for some time now, as well as several other improvements.

Better late than never.

Epic Games has finally added some long-promised features to its store that were scheduled to be available as early as July. Subsequent titles were enriched with support for cloud save option, integration with Humble Bundle and Humble Store was added, and the appearance of product cards was refreshed. The U.S. company also announced what changes it plans to implement in the Epic Games store in the coming months.

Cloud Saves

The first games to offer cloud storage were released on Epic Games Store at the end of July, this year. After the last update of the store, the number of productions supporting this feature has increased to seventeen and now includes the following titles:

It is worth noting that the cloud saving option also includes all titles from Ubisoft (through integration with the Uplay platform). Epic Games is committed to ensuring that most upcoming productions will support the cloud from day one. It will be added to the other games gradually and when possible.

Integration with Humble Bundle

From now on, you can link your Epic Games Store account to your Humble account. Just go to the Settings page and click on the Link Epic Games account.

By doing this, customers will be able to activate selected games from Humble Bundle/Monthly/Store in EGS without having to transfer product keys from one store to another. A compatible title will automatically be added to your linked Epic Games Store account at the time of purchase.

Refreshed product cards and upcoming changes

With the latest update to Epic Games, the appearance of game cards has also been improved. The new pages are clearer, offer more detailed descriptions and better visibility of the release date of the game (important for pre-ordered titles). Publishers can now add additional screens and videos to their product cards. This is to give creators more control over the presentation of their games and help customers make better purchasing decisions.

Epic Games isn't resting on its laurels, and is preparing further changes. Preparations have begun for the launch of a new integrated video player. The company is also working on a developer tool that allows developers to significantly reduce the size of game patches.

Ubisoft games will have improved installers, thanks to which the games from the French publishers will be installed faster and take up less disk space (the new solution has already been introduced in For Honor). There is also a system of counting the time spent in the game (used when making decisions on refunds in case of a complaint) and a new design of the games library (a quick glance can be seen below).

This is what the "list view" in the new Epic Games Store games library should look like.
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