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News video games 20 November 2020, 19:10

author: Jacob Blazewicz

GTA 6 Goes Hot on Twitter and Irritates Gamers

The phrase „GTA 6” has suddenly gained popularity on Twitter. This is a result of recent activities of Rockstar Games, which have disappointed the community.

When players noticed yesterday that the phrase "GTA 6" appeared on Twitter as one of the most popular results, many might have thought that we would finally get the information about the long-awaited sixth installment. Unfortunately, they probably quickly discovered that the invasion of posts (via Reddit) about the sixth installment was not due to the enthusiasm of Internet users. On the contrary, GTA VI gained popularity on Twitter thanks to disappointed fans, who vented their disappointment with a series of memes. In fact, even Snickers' official profile joined the action, and soon also a whole lot of people who got confused by the sudden popularity of GTA 6.

It all started with an entry posted by Rockstar Games, presenting an anonymous video, which was a further part of a campaign advertising the upcoming update for Grand Theft Auto Online. This one is supposed to bring with it a larger map of Los Santos, and probably also another heist. However, those who didn't follow the reports about GTA 5's online mode could consider that yesterday's video is linked to a completely new project - for example, Grand Theft Auto VI. Of course, they were quickly set straight.

Of course, the further development of the game, which is still earning huge amounts of money, is understandable. However, the frustration of the players is also hardly surprising. More than seven years have passed since the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, and the game has been released on three generations of home consoles. For comparison: we have been waiting a little more than five years for the launch of the fifth installment after GTA IV. Half the trouble if we were constantly receiving reports about the game. However, so far we have only received unofficial information from employees, insiders and other sources of dubious credibility. The fact that most of these leaks speak of a very early stage of development and release in a few years' time doesn't seem to improve the fans' mood.

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