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Anthem demo deviates from the full version

Adrian Werner, 22 January 2019, 10:03

Mark Darrah, one of the producers of Anthem, the upcoming MMO shooter from BioWare, has revealed that the game's demo will feature a modified setup.

Mortal Kombat 11 - brutal gameplay and beta-tests

Christian Pieniazek, 18 January 2019, 02:24

The NetherRealm Studios has revealed the previously hidden cards and presented a new gameplay from Mortal Kombat 11. Moreover, the developers allowed us to have a sneak peak at a few characters.

Ubisoft announces private beta of The Division 2

Jacob Blazewicz, 17 January 2019, 10:26

The Division 2 will offer a 4-day long closed beta, beginning on February 7.

Fallout 76 beta has a release date, and PC and PS4 owners will lag behind

Mathias Zulpo, 28 September 2018, 01:39

Bethesda has blessed the Fallout 76 pre-order-exclusive beta with an October release date. The company has also unveiled its intro, beginning with a well-known phrase.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta overpowered armor "isn't that" overpowered, according to Treyarch

Mathias Zulpo, 07 August 2018, 13:50

An armor soaking up bullets like a sponge, which made its way to Black Ops 4 beta and caused an uproar among players, is most likely being nerfed. But devs at Treyarch haven't uttered their last word yet.

Fallout 76 is not coming to Steam, Bethesda confirms

Mathias Zulpo, 07 August 2018, 11:05

Fallout 76 is not making it to Steam, Bethesda said in an official statement. Valve's platform will be replaced by the developer's own launcher. This applies both to the BETA, and the full game.

Fallout 76 BETA launches in October

Mathias Zulpo, 24 July 2018, 13:10

Fallout 76 beta launch has been officially set to October, Bethesda confirmed. But while the early version of the game is heading to all platforms, some will test it out sooner than others.

All you need to know about Star Wars: Battlefront II beta

luckie, 03 October 2017, 11:14

With just a couple of days left until the start of the Star Wars: Battlefront II open beta, EA has shared all the details you might need to play it as well as a new trailer.

Call of Duty: WWII PC beta is here and Steam users hate it

luckie, 29 September 2017, 12:19

It's time for PC players to test the multiplayer in Call of Duty: WWII as the open beta has gone live. So far, however, Steam users are mostly disappointed with the game.

Destiny 2 PC beta to feature a new map and improvements suggested by console players

luckie, 04 August 2017, 14:59

Destiny 2 PC beta is basically going to offer the same content that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version did. However, this one will also include a new map and some improvements.

Fans of Second Life should now give Sansar VR a shot

luckie, 01 August 2017, 13:42

Creators of Second Life are taking another step into the future of life simulation with Sansar, an elaborate platform for social VR experience.

Destiny 2 PC beta dated and specs revealed

luckie, 28 July 2017, 15:30

Here’s what you need to know if you are planning to play Destiny 2 beta on PC. Bungie Software shares the date of beta and PC specs.

PlayStation 4 software update 5.0 inbound, sign up for closed beta

luckie, 20 July 2017, 13:50

PlayStation team is gearing up to launch 5.0 software update for PlayStation 4. Before that happens, the update will be beta-tested.

Escape from Tarkov closed beta starting next month

luckie, 27 June 2017, 20:43

All who pre-ordered Escape from Tarkov will be invited for the game's closed beta starting next month. See what the move to the next stage means for the existing players.

This is exactly when Destiny 2 beta starts

luckie, 21 June 2017, 16:01

Are you going to participate in Destiny 2 open beta? Check out when exactly you can start playing on your platform of choice.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game going into public beta next week

luckie, 18 May 2017, 13:01

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is soon going to step into the public beta phase. This means that everyone will be able to try it out on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands PC specs revealed

luckie, 01 February 2017, 09:17

With the closed beta starting in a couple of days, Ubisoft has revealed Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands PC specs.

Sign up for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 open beta starting February 3

luckie, 18 January 2017, 11:31

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is going to have an open beta, in which players will test two single player missions: military base infiltration and assassination of a key target.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game beta gets ranked matches and redesigned progression system

luckie, 21 December 2016, 13:52

If you're lucky enough to be playing Gwent: The Witcher Card Game's closed beta, you will be happy to know that the game has received a major update. This one introduces ranked matches and redesigned progression system.

Shadow Warrior 2: The Way of the Wang free DLC is out

luckie, 09 December 2016, 09:58

Shadow Warrior 2 has just got The Way of the Wang free DLC, introducing several brutal trials and a new weapon. There is also a new patch with a handful of bug fixes.

TPP MOBA shooter Gigantic to be beta-tested next week

luckie, 30 November 2016, 13:01

If you're looking for a MOBA shooter, you may want to try out Gigantic. The game will have an open beta next week, available for Windows 10 and Xbox One users.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game to be stress tested this week

luckie, 22 September 2016, 11:10

CD Projekt RED is planning a stress test of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, in which they want to kill the game's servers and then bring them back to life before the Closed Beta begins.

Battlefield 1 open beta is live, no PS Plus required

luckie, 31 August 2016, 11:18

You can now play Battlefield 1 open beta on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players can test one of the multiplayer maps, Sinai Desert, along with two classic modes: Conquest and Rush.

Titanfall 2 beta not on PC – watch gamescom presentation live stream

luckie, 16 August 2016, 19:02

Titanfall 2 beta is close, but only for consoles. The upcoming tests are not going to be available on PC.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game beta pushed to October

luckie, 11 August 2016, 11:58

CD Projekt RED needs some more time before they launch the closed beta of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. The testing will start in October.

Fan-made MMO StarCraft Universe enters open beta and gets an epic trailer

luckie, 28 July 2016, 13:18

Only a month remains before the release of StarCraft Universe. The fan-made MMO built on StarCraft II engine has now entered open beta and got an epic cinematic trailer.

Arma III Eden Update goes live introducing a new map editor, server browser, and audio enhancements

luckie, 19 February 2016, 13:46

Arma III Eden Update is now available. With it players can enjoy the new Eden 3D Editor, launcher-based server browser and major audio and visual enhancements.

Metal Gear Online PC open beta starts today

luckie, 12 January 2016, 12:52

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain fans will be able to play Metal Gear Online on PC later today, when open beta servers become live.

The Division beta may start on January 29th, according to a rumor

luckie, 11 January 2016, 12:56

If we are to believe a rumor, Tom Clancy's The Division beta will start on January 29th. This date hasn’t been confirmed by Ubisoft; however, it is in accordance with what the publisher said about doing the beta in early 2016.

Torment: Tides of Numenera beta begins on January 17th

luckie, 07 January 2016, 12:54

Torment: Tides of Numenera has no release date yet, but we now know that the beta will start on January 17th. Only eligible backers will be invited for testing. Soon afterwards – on January 26th – the game will hit Steam Early Access.

Escape from Tarkov new details emerged; closed beta starts early 2016

luckie, 10 December 2015, 13:44

Some new tasty details emerged on Escape from Tarkov, a story-driven MMO with elements of FPS/TPS and RPG. The game will launch on Steam in its entirety in the second quarter of 2016.

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked hits Steam Early Access in December

luckie, 19 November 2015, 11:06

A new Don't Starve DLC, called Shipwrecked, will be available in Steam Early Access on December 1. Initially, the expansion will offer new seasons, creatures, and biomes – more content will follow in future updates.

Paladins Closed Beta Starts Today; See What Smite Dev Is Serving This Time

luckie, 17 November 2015, 10:19

Closed beta of the upcoming online shooter from Smite creators is playable starting today. Full version of Paladins is planned to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in 2016.

Torment: Tides of Numenera not coming until next year

luckie, 02 November 2015, 10:36

Despite what some may have hoped for, Torment: Tides of Numenera is coming out no sooner than 2016. However, fans will be able to take part in beta testing before the end of this year.

Star Wars: Battlefront open beta starts today

luckie, 08 October 2015, 13:30

Star Wars: Battlefront open beta launches today at 10 AM PST. PC players can now pre-load the game via Origin system.

Armored Warfare Open Beta launches on October 8

luckie, 30 September 2015, 10:11

Everyone interested in checking out Armored Warfare can join beta-testing on October 8. Owners of funder’s packs can start playing a week earlier.

Star Wars: Battlefront Open Beta details

luckie, 25 September 2015, 10:55

Star Wars: Battlefront Open Beta will be live on October 8-12 on all platforms. Everyone interested will be able to try out three playable modes on three maps.

Star Wars: Battlefront – open Beta lauches this October

Goral, 02 September 2015, 12:55

Electronic Arts revealed that the open Beta tests of Star Wars: Battlefront, FPS from the developer DICE, are coming in October this year. The Beta will be available to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users.

Beta of Camelot Unchained Delayed

Medium, 22 July 2015, 14:01

Mark Jacobs, the leader of City State Entertainment team, announced that the beta-tests of Camelot Unchained will be delayed. The reason for this decision is one of the studio’s workers who decided to take up on another job opportunity.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is Coming This Winter. Pre-orders are Up

luckie, 16 July 2015, 14:38

The grand finale of the StarCraft saga is scheduled to be released this winter.

E3 2015: DayZ – Single-Player Mode and Private Servers Planned

luckie, 18 June 2015, 13:27

DayZ will get a single player mode and equip the players with tools to host their own servers. In the future, the game will use the Steam Workshop functionality to help modders. DayZ is expected to enter the beta phase by the end of the year.

E3 2015: Next Hitman Announced – See the First Trailer

Christopher Mysiak, 16 June 2015, 15:21

To our surprise, during its E3 press conference Sony revealed the first trailer for the sixth installment in the Hitman series. Although the information was scarce, we can at least be sure that we haven’t seen the last of the new production at the event.