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Total War Saga: Troy news and interesting facts

Total War Saga: Troy - Hardware Requirements and Gameplay

Entelarmer, 23 July 2020, 17:12

Epic Games Store has revealed the hardware requirements of Total War Saga: Troy. There were also new gameplay videos, presenting the king of Sparta and the Amazons faction from the DLC.

Total War: Troy on First Gameplay

Froozyy, 04 June 2020, 18:17

The first gameplay from the upcoming spin-off of the iconic strategy game series, Total War Saga: Troy, has appeared online and will be available for free download the Epic Games Store on the day of its launch. On the video, the devs presented battles from the new installment of the series.

Total War: Troy Release Date; Epic Gets Exclusivity and Giveaway Deal

Vergil, 02 June 2020, 16:56

We've learned the release date of Total War Saga: Troy. As it turns out, the game, which will be released before the end of the summer, will be a one-year exclusive for Epic Games Store. But what's most interesting, during a short period, the players will be able to get it for free.

A Total War Saga: Troy - New Trailer Presents World Map and Campaign

AlexB, 20 September 2019, 13:06

Creative Assembly has published a new video from A Total War Saga: Troy, the new spin-off installment of the popular strategy game series. It is an introduction to the history of the Trojan War and presents the in-game world map.

A Total War Saga: Troy Officially Announced

Froozyy, 19 September 2019, 18:52

We have received the official announcement of the latest installment of the Total War series, which this time will take us into the reality of the Trojan War. The production will be released next year.

Troy: A Total War Saga Confirmed on the Cover of PC Gamer [Updated]

Entelarmer, 18 September 2019, 21:09

We have received confirmation that Troy: A Total War Saga is a thing. Internet users found the title on the cover of the new issue of PC Gamer magazine.

Total War Saga - New Installment Set During the Trojan War

Ender, 09 August 2019, 23:07

Creative Assembly Studio has registered the Total War Saga: Troy trademark, which is associated with the next and unannounced spin-off of the popular strategy game series. As the title suggests, the game will take place during the mythical Trojan War. The title may be revealed during the upcoming gamescom fair.