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With Diablo 4 Launch Diablo 3 Will Stop Getting New Content

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 07 April 2023, 11:44

The next, 29th season of Diablo III is expected to be the last to introduce new content to the game. Blizzard wants to focus on developing the new installment after the release of Diablo IV.

Sentinel Interceptor Ship in NMS - How to Get Them and More

Damian Gacek, 07 April 2023, 08:01

In this guide we will talk about Sentinel interceptor starships and a mechanic which was added with the new update to No Man’s Sky. Read more about new ships.

POE Crucible Countdown is Available; Check When the Update Will Be Released

Damian Gacek, 06 April 2023, 23:07

It is possible to check the countdown for POE Crucible Update. You can learn here the exact time of the release.

How to use Echo Locator in NMS; Fix for Locational Interference

Ewa Ichniowska, 06 April 2023, 12:51

Echo Locator is a new device added in the Interceptor Update of No Man's Sky. Find out how to use the it properly and fix Locational Interference problem that is confusing players.

How to Get Harmonic Brain in NMS

Aleksander Kartasinski, 06 April 2023, 12:50

If you want to get Harmonic Brain in NMS you are in a good place. In this guide we will tell you where it is.

The Witcher 3 Now Delivers 'Best Experience Yet' on Consoles

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 April 2023, 12:34

CD Projekt RED is relentless in improving the next-gen edition of The Witcher 3. This art is achieved especially on consoles, as the video, full of details, comparing version 4.02 with older releases, proves.

God of War Ragnarok Update Adds Tons of New Features

Hubert Sledziewski, 06 April 2023, 11:40

God of War: Ragnarok has received a New Game Plus mode. In the long-awaited update, Sony has introduced new equipment, skills and even a black and white visual mode.

Pharaoh Remake Update Adds Another Major Feature

Agnes Adamus, 06 April 2023, 11:02

Another update to Pharaoh: A New Era was released today. It introduces support for ultrawide resolutions and eliminates many bugs.

No Man's Sky With Another Big Update

Jacob Blazewicz, 06 April 2023, 10:51

Hello Games continues to develop No Man's Sky with a number of new features and improvements in update 4.20 „Interceptor”.

Division 2 is Broken; Ubisoft Spoils Fun Again [UPDATE]

Kamil Kleszyk, 06 April 2023, 10:17

It looks like it's all business as usual at Ubisoft. The developers of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 have introduced a new update to the online shooter, which... broke the game. We suggest how to deal with it on your own.

NMS Interceptor Update - Corrupted Planets Explained

Damian Gacek, 05 April 2023, 18:07

In this guide we will tell you everything about Corrupted worlds in No Man’s Sky. Read this article to learn more about Interceptor update.

Total War: Warhammer 3 Expecting a Ton of Novelties Along With DLC [Update]

Agnes Adamus, 05 April 2023, 16:28

Creative Assembly has revealed details of Mirror of Madness DLC for Total War: Warhammer 3. It reveals that we'll be getting quite a substantial content boost.

The Last of Us PC Fixing in Progress [Update: New Hotfix and Drivers]

Sonia Selerska, 05 April 2023, 11:26

Problems with The Last of Us Part 1 on PC are gradually being fixed, but new complications are also emerging. Naughty Dog shares a plan of action.

Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Get Beautiful With RT Overdrive; New Trailer

Adam Adamczyk, 04 April 2023, 22:10

Cyberpunk 2077 looks beautiful in Ray Tracing: Overdrive mode. See how the game's graphics look in a fresh video from Nvidia. The update introducing this novelty will hit PC in a few days.

MMO Devs Add and Abandon Lootboxes After Community Backlash

Sonia Selerska, 04 April 2023, 14:57

EverQuest 2 almost fell victim to the pay-to-win system. Player reaction stopped the developers and led to significant changes in the game's update process.

Players Unhappy With Changes to World of Warcraft's Most Popular Activity

Zbigniew Woznicki, 03 April 2023, 15:18

Blizzard has decided to refresh Mythic in World of Warcraft with new modifiers and changing one of the more annoying ones. At this point, the result of the work is highly unsatisfactory.

Path of Exile: Crucible Will Enable Every Weapon to Get a Skill Tree

Kamil Kleszyk, 02 April 2023, 22:25

An update called Crucible is headed to Path of Exile, which will see even weapons receive their own skill trees in the game. In addition, the expansion will introduce a number of fixes.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Steadily Heading Towards Release With Next Big Update

Adrian Werner, 02 April 2023, 21:41

Darkest Dungeon II has received its last major update as part of early access. Among other things, it introduces pets and expands the carriage travel mechanics.

Godherja, or Crusader Kings 3 in Dark Fantasy, Got New Version

Adrian Werner, 31 March 2023, 22:25

Godherja: The Dying World, the ambitious dark fantasy mod for Crusader Kings 3, has received a new version.

The Last of Us Remake Got Another Patch on PC [Update]

Jakub Tarchala, 31 March 2023, 13:45

The Last of Us Part 1 has received its first patch on PC. The changes are minor, but some players report improved performance.

The Second Tiberium War - Fan-made Command and Conquer Project With New Missions

Adrian Werner, 30 March 2023, 14:23

The Second Tiberium War, an independent fan project built based on Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, has received a new version that offers new chapters of the story campaign.

PS5 Update Fixes a Bug and Introduces Minor Improvements

Damian Mista, 30 March 2023, 11:52

The PlayStation has received a new software version, numbered 23.01- The firmware improves the console's performance and removes the incorrect display of the game library in certain cases.

Microsoft Broke RDR2 on Windows 11

Agnes Adamus, 30 March 2023, 11:26

A recent Windows 11 update caused Red Dead Redemption 2 to stop working. Efforts are currently underway to determine the source of the problem.

Cyberpunk 2077 With Prettier Visuals Will Require a Powerful PC

Kamil Kleszyk, 29 March 2023, 17:11

The release of enhanced ray tracing in the PC edition of Cyberpunk 2077 is approaching, and representatives of CD Projekt RED and Nvidia have shared more details related to the „technology of the future.”.

Saints Row Isn't Dead Yet; Devs Reveal Content Roadmap

Adrian Werner, 29 March 2023, 15:59

The developers of Saints Row have ambitious plans for the game's development. They include three paid DLCs and a set of major updates that will add new neighborhoods to the virtual world for free.

Not Just Diablo 4 - Blizzard Unveils New Features in Diablo Immortal

Adrian Werner, 29 March 2023, 15:55

Diablo Immortal will receive a major update tomorrow, oferring, among other things, an additional gameplay mode and a new dungeon.

Battlefield 2042 Got New Weapons and Chat Redesign

Marcin Przala, 28 March 2023, 14:51

The first major update for Season 4 has arrived to Battlefield 2042. In addition to the standard fixes, it introduced several new features and changes to the game, which included important game systems.

CoH 3 Expecting Big Update Today That Many Will Not Like

Adrian Werner, 28 March 2023, 13:52

Update 1.1.0 for Company of Heroes 3 will debut in a few hours, adding variety to multiplayer gameplay and introducing a microtransaction store.

Diablo 4 Open Beta Just Got Better; Patch With Fixes Rolls Out

Kamil Kleszyk, 26 March 2023, 22:03

Blizzard Entertainment continues to analyze player-reported glitches in Diablo IV open beta and prepare the required fixes. Some of them have already been implemented.

Sons of the Forest Patch Increased Difficulty; Players Complain

Adam Adamczyk, 24 March 2023, 17:10

The latest update to Sons of the Forest is now available. Unfortunately, not all the changes were to the liking of players.

Strategy RPG Wartales Leaves Early Access; Release Date

Marcin Przala, 24 March 2023, 16:28

The exact release date of the tactical RPG from Shiro Games has been revealed. A few words were also said about the future of the game and a new trailer was made available.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt With Small Patch; Improves Performance on GeForce RTX 40

Adam Celarek, 23 March 2023, 17:24

Last week's 4.02 update didn't live up to the expectations of gamers in terms of performance improvements in The Witcher 3. CD Projekt RED has released a minor patch aimed at owners of specific GPUs.

Elden Ring Now With RTX Support; Requirements Revealed

Jacob Blazewicz, 23 March 2023, 17:11

Elden Ring has received update 1.09, and with it ray tracing support on PC, PS5 and XSX (and high system requirements for this feature on PC).

Diablo 4 Refined Before Open Beta; List of Fixes

Adrian Werner, 23 March 2023, 13:18

Blizzard Entertainment has announced what changes and improvements will be made to the Diablo 4 open beta.

We Know Release Date for Cyberpunk 2077's Visual Update

Jacob Blazewicz, 23 March 2023, 12:24

Ray Tracing Mode: Overdrive is still heading to Cyberpunk 2077, but we will have to wait until next month for the debut of enhanced ray tracing.

Pharaoh: A New Era With Major Update And Anticipated Feature

Jacob Blazewicz, 21 March 2023, 17:13

A „new” feature has been added to Pharaoh: A New Era, but the latest update also introduced a number of other significant changes.

Cities: Skylines Expecting Major Free Update

Agnes Adamus, 21 March 2023, 15:59

Cities: Skylines will receive a free update called Hubs & Transport tomorrow. Among other things, it will introduce new transportation hubs.

Over 15 years of Live-service Game Development Sounds Like Madness

Marcin Przala, 21 March 2023, 13:42

Developers from Respawn Entartainment sincerely believe that their flagship production will be developed even over the next dozen years. A new division has been established to achieve this goal, and it will provide future updates.

Steam Could Introduce Coveted Feature

Jacob Blazewicz, 20 March 2023, 17:03

Valve may be gearing up to introduce two new features to Steam, including one that gamers have been demanding for years.

Broken Remaster of The Outer Worlds Getting Patched; Some Players Must Wait

Adam Celarek, 20 March 2023, 15:51

The problematic remaster of The Outer Worlds has received its first major update. Patch 1.1 focuses on performance and stability issues. However, some players have to wait for the patch.

Diablo 4 Beta Fixes Available; Queues Should be Shorter

Adrian Werner, 19 March 2023, 21:18

Blizzard Entertainment has implemented improvements to the Diablo 4 beta that are expected to result in more stable servers and shorter queues.

New PoE Expansion is Near; Title and Release Date Revealed

Adrian Werner, 17 March 2023, 15:46

The next expansion for Path of Exile is titled Crucible. A new teaser revealed the name. The expansion will debut in April - we know the exact release date.

Unexpected Update for Disco Elysium Adds New Creative Game Mode

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 17 March 2023, 14:27

Disco Elysium unexpectedly received an update with a new feature. Collage mode will spark your imagination with the ability to create original scenes.

'Faulty' Infants in Sims 4; Fans are Disappointed

Sonia Selerska, 15 March 2023, 16:14

The free update for Sims 4 is seen by players as a cheap attempt to get them to buy the upcoming expansion. This is a sharp blow to a community that has been waiting longingly for infants and related mechanics.

Hack'n'slash Wolcen Gets a Major Patch

Adrian Werner, 15 March 2023, 13:31

RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has received a major patch. The update was warmly received and significantly improved the game's activity scores. In addition, today the game finally hit consoles.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Issues Persist; Patch Didn't Fix What Players Hoped For

Adam Celarek, 14 March 2023, 16:24

Update 4.02 for The Witcher 3 launched yesterday. Unfortunately, the patch still hasn't solved many of ailments of CD Projekt RED's game.

Valheim Now in Xbox Game Pass; Launch on Microsoft Consoles

Jakub Tarchala, 14 March 2023, 13:43

Valheim has finally arrived on Xbox consoles. The game also received a patch, which introduces a large number of small changes and fixes. You can also play the title as part of the Xbox Game Pass service.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Gets Big Update Today

Adam Celarek, 13 March 2023, 14:31

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will get a significant update today. The size of the patch will reach up to 20 GB in the console version. We know the list of platforms where the patch will be released.

PoE and Diablo Competitor Catches Second Wind on Steam

Adrian Werner, 13 March 2023, 13:50

The popularity of Last Epoch has exploded on Steam. This is thanks to a new patch and the included mode that the players have been waiting for for years.

Fans in Disbelief How a Single Patch Improved DCS World Performance

Adam Celarek, 13 March 2023, 13:46

In the latest update to the popular air battle simulator DCS World, the developers have introduced support for multiple CPU threads into the game. The change has proven to have a very positive impact on the game's performance.