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Cyberpunk 2077 Guide

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Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: Hole in the Sky - walkthrough Cyberpunk 2077 guide, walkthrough

Hole in the Sky is the main mission from getting to President Myers' crashed plane in Phantom Liberty. Our solo for Cyberpunk 2077 describes how to get to the crash site, how to behave when meeting Myers and how to protect the President in the wreckage.

Last update: 25 September 2023

During Hole in the Sky, the second story mission from Phantom Liberty expansion to Cyberpunk 2077, you will attempt to reach the crashed plane that had President Myers onboard. Our walkthrough shows how to either avoid or eliminate Barghest soldiers, where to find Myers and how to proceed during the confrontation with Madam President, as well as how to defend her from enemy waves approaching the plane wreck.

Reaching the crane at the crash site

1 - Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: Hole in the Sky - walkthrough - Main quests - Cyberpunk 2077 Guide
  1. The objective to reach the wreck of President Myers's plane will be received after leaving the construction site from the previous mission - Dog Eat Dog.
  2. The wreck area is a restricted zone guarded by the Barghest gang which controls Dogtown and takes care of peacekeeping, as the district doesn't have a police presence. You have 2 ways of proceeding - you can sneak and avoid further enemies (watch the minimap, use camouflage etc.) or engage in direct combat. In the latter case, watch out for stronger thugs that are equipped with heavy weapons (you can pick these weapons and use them in the next encounters).
  3. Regardless of the chosen approach, you'll reach a marked pathway leading to the crane. Use the ramps and ladders there to get to the top of the crane and talk to Songbird.

Reaching the plane wreck

2 - Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: Hole in the Sky - walkthrough - Main quests - Cyberpunk 2077 Guide
  1. Using another ladder will allow you to reach the crane arm. Walk on it and proceed in the direction of the crash site.
  2. Along the way, you may witness Barghest fighting the President's detail. You can now proceed as you please - attack enemies in direct combat, avoid them or use the fact that they are occupied and prepare ambushes. Watch out for enemies marked with skulls, as they are stronger and have better weapons.

Finding Rosalynd Myers

3 - Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: Hole in the Sky - walkthrough - Main quests - Cyberpunk 2077 Guide
  1. After approaching the crashed plane , go inside. You can take a look around the plane or go straight to the cockpit - Songbird will open it for you.
  2. Myers will have her weapon drawn. You can optionally hit her (fast reaction required) and answer her question before she fires and kills V. After you introduce yourself (any way you want), Madam President will become your ally.

Defending the wreck from enemies

4 - Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: Hole in the Sky - walkthrough - Main quests - Cyberpunk 2077 Guide
  1. A larger battle will begin against Barghest soldiers attempting to enter the wreck and kill Myers.
  2. You can defend yourself inside the wreckage or assault enemy positions. Attack/hack enemies and machines with skull icons first - this will rid you of the largest threats. You can also pick up heavy weapons left by elite enemies and use them against incoming opponents.
  3. With the enemy fended off, the mission will end. A new quest Spider and the Fly will be initiated.
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