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Cyberpunk 2077 Guide by

Cyberpunk 2077 Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 - Westbrook - Gigs
Cyberpunk 2077 - Westbrook - Gigs
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Cyberpunk 2077: Westbrook map Cyberpunk 2077 guide, walkthrough

Last update: 20 January 2021

This page of the Cyberpunk 2077 game guide includes a world map of the Westbrook region. The map displays markers of locations you can visit. These include fast travel points, secrets and all other activities.


Westbrook is divided into three districts:

  1. Japantown;
  2. Charter Hill;
  3. North Oak.

Each of the districts features different surroundings and missions.

Difficulty level

It is best to go to Westbrook after completing several main jobs and side quests, preferably those from Watson. This is an ideal location for players between levels 10 to 20.

Drop Point

In the Westbrook district you will find 13 drop points.

Fast Travel

In this district you will find 25 fast travel points.


There is 1 Medpoint in the region.


In Westbrook you will find 5 gastronomy points.


In Japantown and Charter Hill, you find 3 ripperdocks.

Melee weapons vendor

The Japantown district is the only one with melee weapons vendor.

Clothing vendor

There are only 2 clothing stores in Westbrook.


In Japantown, you will find the only Fixer available in the region.


You will find 2 Netrunners in this area.

Weapons store

There is only one gun store in the whole Westbrook.

Junk dealer

In this region you will find 4 junk dealers.


There are 2 thievery commissions in Westbrook. We described them on a separate page of the guide.

Search & Recover

There are 2 places where you may recover the property of others. We described them on a separate page of the guide.

SOS: Merc Needed

In Westbrook, you will get 3 orders to save people from trouble. We described them on a separate page of the guide.

Gun for Hire

There are no Gun for Hire commissions in this district.

Special Delivery

There is 1 special delivery in this region. We described it on a separate page of the guide.

Agent Saboteur

There are 1 sabotage gigs in Westbrook. We described it on a separate page of the guide.


You can complete an assault in 14 places.

Special prizes

In Westbrook, you can earn 20 special prizes.

Organised crime

In Westbrook you'll run into 2 organized crime locations.

Reported Crime

There are 6 crime reports in the Westbrook area.


You will not find cyberpsychos in Westbrook.

Tarot Graffiti

In this district you will find 4 tarot cards. Their location is described on a separate page of the guide.


There are 2 bars in this district.


There are 5 vehicles in Westbrook.


There is no apartment in Westbrook.


There is one joytoy in the Japantown district.

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