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Cyberpunk 2077 Guide

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Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty: List of all quests Cyberpunk 2077 guide, walkthrough

The Phantom Liberty DLC offers a total of dozens of main and side quests. On this page of the guide to Cyberpunk 2077 you will find a list of all quests available in the DLC.

Last update: 28 September 2023

Phantom of Liberty expansion adds new quests and on this page of the Cyberpunk 2077 guide we have included their summary. There are separate lists for the story missions required to complete the DLC, as well as side quests and gigs.

Main story

  1. How to start the expansion? - We explain what are the requirements to unlock the expansion's story and how to start it with a character prepared for the DLC.
  2. Dog Eat Dog - This is the first quest in the Dogtown and your first meeting with Songbird.
  3. Hole in the Sky - This mission is about reaching the wreckage of the plane and rescuing President Myers.
  4. Spider and the Fly - This quest is about escorting Myers to the safe house while fighting Hansen's men and a Chimera tank.
  5. Lucretia My Reflection - The walkthrough describes how to fight the strangers in the hideout and how to meet Reed.
  6. The Damned - In this mission, you will meet Alex and have to find Slider in his hideout.
  7. Get It Together - In this quest, the main character will meet with Mr. Hands - a gigs fixer.
  8. You Know My Name - You have to infiltrate the party in the Black Sapphire building and you will learn where to find Songbird and how to play roulette.
  9. Birds with Broken Wings - In this mission, the protagonist must reach transceivers on rooftops and visit Farida's clinic.
  10. I've Seen That Face Before - The premise of this quest is to take control of the netrunners' car to ultimately steal their identities.
  11. Firestarter - Our walkthrough describes the meeting with Hansen and the important choice about choosing an ally.
  12. The Killing Moon - We described Songbird's quest to infiltrate the NCX terminal, reach the shuttle and confront Reed.
  13. Through Pain to Heaven - Our walkthrough describes the epilogue for Songbird's storyline.
  14. Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos - This is Reed's first quest and in the walkthrough we described how to stop the convoy and defeat its escort.
  15. Somewhat Damaged - This quest is part of Songbird's storyline. You will learn how to avoid the robot and how to reach the core of the outpost.
  16. Leave in Silence - This is the epilogue for Reed's storyline. We described, e.g. the meeting with President Myers.
  17. Four Score and Seven - This is the second quest of Reed's epilogue.
  18. Who Wants to Live Forever - This walkthrough informs how to unlock the new ending for the main game.

Side missions

  1. Push It to the Limit - This is a more important side quest in which you contact El Capitan and unlock car theft gigs.
  2. No Easy Way Out - In this mission, you will meet boxer Aaron and help him remove the implant. We also described the confrontation with Angie.
  3. Dazed and Confused - We described Tool's and Lina Malina's quest. You will learn how to bring Tool's personality back.
  4. Run This Town - You will find a description of all the options for selecting a new leader of Dogtown. It can be Jago or Bennett.
  5. Shot by Both Sides - We described finding Bree, investigating the Militech lab and confronting Dante.


  1. Dogtown Saints - The walkthrough informs how to get to the clinic and what to do during the meeting between Anderson and Nika.
  2. Waiting for Dodger - We suggest where to find officers and how to act when meeting Dodger.
  3. Prototype in the Scraper - Infiltrate the Scavs' lair, learn how to free Hasan and what to do with him.
  4. Treating Symptoms - This mission is about investigating the Voodoo Boys' base and finding Milko Alexis.
  5. Spy in the Jungle - Brazilian agents ask V to investigate the museum. We described, e.g. the confrontation with agent Katya.
  6. The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman - Our walkthrough describes finding the murderer of Leon Rinder and getting to his stash.
  7. Heaviest of Hearts - Learn how to find Georgina Zembinsky in the Heavy Hearts bar.
  8. Roads to Redemption - We described how to infiltrate the weapons factory, where to find a nuclear payload, and how to deal with Biotechnica agents.
  9. Talent Academy - Our walkthrough shows how to get into Fiona Vargas' office and how to get her clients data.
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