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They Are Billions Guide by

They Are Billions Guide

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Last update: 27 June 2019

In this chapter, you will learn how to fight battles effectively, you will learn about types of zombies, how to destroy their villages and how to prepare for further development. You will find out about upsides and downsides of individual units and the effect of won battles, on the last wave.

Selection of units

At the beginning of the game, you receive 5 units for defense (1 soldier and 4 rangers). The best thing to do is to dispatch rangers to exploring the area, searching for zombies and resources. Then, command each ranger to patrol short portions of the borders of your colony, thanks to which they will be able to react faster to threats. With the development of technology, you will be able to train stronger and stronger units. Below, you can find a short description of each unit and their strong and weak sides. For more information, see Inexperienced units, veterans, zombie - statistics.

Ranger - the fastest unit you can train. It is perfect in the initial and middle phase of the match, when you do not want to draw attention of zombies. Due to the low damage they deal, it is recommended that you have a group of 15 - 30 rangers. A single unit can kill a slow zombie in 4 shots. They are effective as a quick response unit.

Soldier - slower, with shorter range than archer, but with double the health. It is not too good an idea to recruit them, due to the short range - they are more vulnerable to ranged zombie attacks.

Sniper - deals the highest damage of all the units and has considerable range. It has slightly more health points than the soldier. Snipers are effective at defense and safe, yet slow, clearing of the map, as well as for destroying zombie villages. While firing at e.g. Chubby Zombie, they knock the enemy back a little. A group of veteran snipers are sheer zombie exterminators.

Lucifer - unit armed with a flamethrower of high health regeneration rate. His range is even shorter than that of the soldier and he cannot attack from behind walls.

Thanatos - unit with even less health than Lucifer, he has an RPG capable of eliminating the weaker zombies in one shot. Also, he can fight in melee and is ideal for defense.

Titan - the most expensive and quite fast unit. It has the highest rate of fire of all. The thickest armor and the most health. It costs 2000 gold, whereas Thanatos costs - 600. High upkeep. It is a good idea to have Titans, if only your economy can bear high recruitment and upkeep costs. They are relatively good at both attack and defense.

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