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They Are Billions Guide

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Story campaign - a few words of introduction to They Are Billions walkthrough They Are Billions guide, walkthrough

Last update: 25 June 2019

Together with the release of version 1.0, They Are Billions delivered a full-fledged story campaign. It consists of 50 missions completing which, depending on the difficulty level and willingness to complete all the goals, can take up to 60 hours. However, before you accept this time-consuming task, you should read some information that will greatly facilitate the gameplay - you will find them in this section.

Campaign - General information

Missions are selected using the campaign map. Here you can also check the campaign completion level, adjust the difficulty level, as well as develop the hero and new technologies. - Story campaign - a few words of introduction to They Are Billions walkthrough - The New Empire campaign - They Are Billions Guide
Missions are selected using the campaign map. Here you can also check the campaign completion level, adjust the difficulty level, as well as develop the hero and new technologies.

The story campaign in They Are Billions is available from the start - unlike the maps in survival mode, you don't have to unlock anything here. At the very beginning of the campaign you can choose between two characters. This are Caelus and Calliope. Caelus is a well-armored unit that is capable of withstanding quite a few enemy attacks, while its attacks allow you to eliminate most enemies with one shot and injure multiple targets at the same time, although its attacks are slow. Calliope, in turn, is a character with little health, which must remain in motion all the time, however, this is compensated by a very high speed of movement and high rate of fire. Hero selection is a key aspect - most of the missions will only be played with this unit (with occasional support from other units). It should also be remembered that these characters can be developed by increasing their parameters - damage, health, and armor.

Missions in the campaign are divided into several types. These are:

  1. Regular Missions - during them your goal will be the elimination of all enemies, the destruction of the Villages of Doom, obtaining the appropriate production of raw materials, raising the level of the colonists, or any combination of the aforementioned. Some missions also have additional attributes - like increasing the production of raw materials in a particular building.
  2. Tactical Missions - missions in which you start only with the hero selected at the beginning of the campaign. During these missions you have to find the artifact hidden inside the fortress, making your way through dozens of different enemies. During each of them, you can collect additional points technology or points for the Empire, which will be later used in the campaign. During some missions you will also encounter friendly units that can join you and support you in the completing the goal.
  3. Fight against Infected Swarm - occasionally an Infected Swarm will appear on the map of the campaign, which will block access to the next mission, as long as you do not cope with it. The battles in these missions are just stages of survival - in the center of the map is a building that can not be destroyed or infected by the undead, and your goal is to eliminate the enemies drawing from each side. During this mission, you can set your own fortifications and units, and for this purpose you can use the Empire points that you get for completing missions. This type of gameplay is described in a separate Chapter of the guide.

Campaign - tips

Before launching the campaign, you should get acquainted with a handful of tips that have been prepared for You. Namely:

  1. The biggest news in the campaign is that the new colonists do not arrive at the colony immediately after the construction of the houses - now you have to wait until they arrive by train, which visits the colony every few minutes.
  2. Each mission can be played on one of several difficulty levels - it works on the same principle as in survival mode. The higher the difficulty level, the greater the challenge posed by the enemies and the higher the end result.
  3. During the campaign you will receive science points and Empire points. The former are used for technological development-technological tree is available from the world map menu. Empire Points, in turn, are used during missions, in which you will fight Infected Swarms - their number determines how many brigades and fortifications you can deploy. Both of these mechanics are described in a separate Chapter of the guide.
  4. During Tactical Missions, in which you will control the hero, you can get a lot of extra Science Points and Empire Points. This requires interaction with various objects - barrels, boxes, artifacts, and computers. To check if this kind of interaction is possible, hover over an object - if it lights up and the mouse cursor changes its appearance, it means that you can interact with the object.
  5. During tactical missions you will receive additional items such as Medical kits or grenades. Medical kits replenish the hero's and nearby units' health points, grenades, in turn, are able to eliminate a significant group of enemies. Use them with care - if you don't need to use a grenade, save it for later. They will definitely come in handy. And don't throw a grenade at your feet!
  6. Do not take on the mission of fighting an Infected Swarm as soon as it appears. If you do this, chances are you won't be able to complete it because you won't have enough Empire Points to purchase enough units. Complete all available missions, and only then engage in battle with the swarm - an additional few hundred Empire Points will make a huge difference.
  7. Remember to unlock new technologies. You can get to the technology tree using the world map. It is necessary to think carefully, because there is no way to restore the used points.
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