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They Are Billions Guide by

They Are Billions Guide

Table of Contents

Infected Swarm #12 | They Are Billions campaign walkthrough They Are Billions guide, walkthrough

Last update: 24 July 2019

The twelfth mission in the game from the Infected Swarm genre in They Are Billions. Similarly to the previous mission - The Forbidden Forest, after which this mission will be unlocked - introduces a new enemy Infected Mutant. There are 40 of them to be eliminated. In order to succeed, you need to move your units properly. This chapter contains a walkthrough and tips for this rather difficult type of missions.

How to unlock and goals

How to unlock: unlocked after completing the Forbidden Forest mission

Mission objective:

  1. Destroy all infected.
  2. Survive all the hordes.

The mission

1 - Infected Swarm #12 | They Are Billions campaign walkthrough - The New Empire campaign - They Are Billions Guide
  1. There are "only" 40 enemies to defeat here, these are only Infected Mutants that you have already met during the Forbidden Forest mission. Fighting these rivals looks very different - you have to focus on as much injury as possible, set in the shortest possible time, while blocking their movement.
  2. Deploy 3 rows of Wasp turrets around the main building, and behind them 2 rows of Soldiers, and the resulting space inside fill with Snipers. The ratio of Soldiers to Snipers should be 2 to 3.
  3. For the remaining Empire Points (1000-1500) set up Stakes Traps or Wire Fence Traps, to at least slightly slow down the attack of enemies.
  4. After the start of the battle, place the units as close as possible to the Wasp turrets so they could start the attack as early as possible.
  5. Enemies will approach from four directions - North, South, East and West - but they will approach the fortifications every several seconds. The first wave will come from the North - send most of your troops there to quickly eliminate the mutants, and then send troops to the southern part of the fortifications, where more opponents will come.
  6. From this point on, you should often use the active pause (activated by pressing the SPACEBAR) and monitor the movement of enemies on the map. Send troops to where the attack will take place - the faster you eliminate a group of mutants, the less damage they will cause to your fortifications, thus troops can be sent to another side.


Focus the fire of most units on infected mutants to quickly get rid of them. - Infected Swarm #12 | They Are Billions campaign walkthrough - The New Empire campaign - They Are Billions Guide
Focus the fire of most units on infected mutants to quickly get rid of them.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a few tips that will facilitate the completion of this mission, namely:

  1. Stakes Traps or Wire Fence Traps can prove useful here, as they significantly reduce the speed of these fast-moving enemies - it's hard, however, to "measure" where to install them so that the enemy steps over them.
  2. Land Mines are completely useless, as well as Rangers and barricades.
  3. The Lucifer units are an alternative to Wasp turrets - they are costly, however they will be able to withstand a few enemy attacks before being destroyed, and a very fast regeneration of health allows, with the appropriate micromanagement, to change wounded units to return to the battlefield within 10-15 seconds.
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