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They Are Billions Guide by

They Are Billions Guide

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Early phase of the game | They Are Billions guide They Are Billions guide, walkthrough

Last update: 27 June 2019

Here is Early phases of the game They Are Billions

Clearing grounds for colony expansion

A very important element of the game is the expansion. At the beginning of the game, you will have to occupy a small area, due to the presence of zombies on all sides. However, after you have survived the first wave, recruited several or more units, you can start expansion to obtain more resources and new strategic points. To expand, you first have to make preparations and clear the area of zombies, preferably with Rangers, Then, expand your operational area with Tesla towers, make sure that zombies do not sneak past and don't destroy buildings. After you expand your colony, build double walls and 1-2 ballistas. Now, you can make a full use of the conquered area and plan on further expansion.

How to survive initial waves when your defenses are weak

You may face a situation, in which you could not afford new units, towers or walls. There is a way to trick zombies. Since zombies attack your units before they attack buildings, you can scout ahead with one of your rangers. Move her forwards and backwards, walk around zombies, so that you are close to them, but not within range of their attacks. At the same time, try to remain within range of your lackluster defenses. This way, you will easily eliminate them. This method only works against initial waves.

The Middle and the final phase of the turn - attacking Village of Doom, and clearing the map

villages of zombies that dispatch new zombies after your units have been spotted, when they hear shots fired, or when you attack a zombie near VoD - Early phase of the game | They Are Billions guide - Beginners Guide - They Are Billions Guide

Village of Doom

villages of zombies that dispatch new zombies after your units have been spotted, when they hear shots fired, or when you attack a zombie near VoD. They can reinforce waves of zombies, including the final one. After they are destroyed, they drop a significant amount of resources and gold. This makes a good incentive to attack and destroy them. A good idea is to dispatch a team of 30, or 40 snipers reinforced by archers. It takes time to gather such an army, but this way, you ensure an effective attack and avoid own losses. An additional upside of this tactic is the rate at which your army gains experience and specification of units. During the attack on the first - second zombie village, the majority of your units will attain veteran rank. This will make them highly useful while defending walls during the last wave. Remember that building stationary defenses in the middle, or early-final phase of the game means wasting your resources

Using archers and snipers in attack is quite slow, but effective. Clear terrain in front of VoD with snipers, keep your archers close, to finish out the enemy. Slowly but surely, approach the village, once you have noticed that zombie production is becoming thinner and thinner. With each movement of units, stop them with Hold) command, thanks to which each unit will wait ready to fire, for new zombies to arrive. You do not even have to specify the target for them, nor directly attack zombie buildings, as they will do that automatically. When you stand the risk of being surrounded by the zombies, or you start taking damage, retreat to a safe position where new zombies stop being recruited. Use archers to kill runners to ensure a safe retreat for your snipers. After things calm down, you can continue the attack.

While gathering resources from destroyed villages, remember not to overfill your storages. It would be too bad if excess amount was sold on the market straight away. Act reasonably and spend it immediately on fortifications and economy within the colony. Resources originating from VoD have a profound effect on your economy and they provide a boost to it. Use it wisely.

If you want to clear the map without sustaining own losses, you can dispatch snipers, preferably after you have destroyed zombie villages. The farther away from the center of the map, the more dangerous zombies you encounter, but your veterans will deal quickly with them. Control them, move snipers and stop them with the Hold command. Sometimes, a gunshot noise is sufficient for zombies to start swarming from all sides, so you can wait for them. Try to avoid commanding your men to Chase. Your units will then start to track zombies on their own and walk away from the group, which lowers their combat value. Always move them as a group. It is very important to clear the map and destroy zombie villages. The last wave groups up all the zombies on the map and

VoD dispatches new ones. By killing all zombies on the map, you significantly increase your chances of survival.

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