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They Are Billions Guide by

They Are Billions Guide

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List of mayors that can be drawn | They Are Billions Game guide They Are Billions guide, walkthrough

Last update: 27 June 2019

List of the mayors.

Level I - 30 colonists



Allison Weed

Colony receives: Tesla Tower

Alyssa Lister

Wood production increased by 2

Arnoldo Crutchfield

Gold income in Commander center: +40

Ashley Dahl

Colony receives: Wooden tower (2)

Carey Scholl

Command center: energy range increased +4

Command center: sight range increased +4

Carmine Piper

Fisherman cottage: production increase +3

Carrie Burley

Colony receives: Ballista

Chance Zeigler

Colony receives: Sniper

Diana Madison

Technology: Market

Dominique Meehan

Command center: number of workers +12

Dora Riddick

Colony receives +10 iron

Duncan Friend

Colony receives: Stakes (10)

Elvina Dwyer

Technology: Cottage

Erica Keys

Hunter's cottage: production increase +3

Eve Rinaldi

Technology: Observation the tower

Fausto Will

Colony receives: Soldier

Geralda Siler

Command center: +20 energy production

Geraldine Ventura

Colony receives: Ranger (2)

Jules Nava

Technology: Farm

Laura Pettigrew

Technology: Ballista

Lyon Seaton

Colony receives: Windmill

Mia Strand

Command Center: food production increase +20

Milan Sorrell

Technology: Sniper

Normand Keenan

Colony receives: +20 stone

Pamela Goodson

Colony receives: +30 wood

Paula Mount

Colony receives: Wooden wall (10)

Colony receives: Wooden gate

Reyes Luckett

Colony receives: Observation the tower

Trent Gibbons

Colony receives: +600 gold

Colony receives: +10 wood

Valentina Thibodeaux

Colony receives: Farm

Violet Lopes

Colony receives: +1000 gold

Warner Pederson

Technology: Stakes

Winford Schmid

Colony receives: Mine

Zachariah Goforth

Command center: +20 gold income

Level II - 200 colonists

Alan Fogle

Colony receives: Stone wall (10)

Colony receives: Stone gate

Arnoldo Crutchfield

Command center: +40 gold income

Edna Hatton

Colony receives: Soldier (3)

Ethel Dumas

Colony receives: Energy tower

Federico Lynn

Colony receives: Ballista (2)

Hal Binkley

Colony receives: Sniper (2)

Harlan Harden

Command center: storage capacity +50

Helen Heflin

Colony receives: Stone tower (2)

Isaiah Grubb

Snajper: Upkeep -40%

Jon Parris

Colony receives: Observation the tower (2)

Kendall Barrows

Wiatrak: production increase energy +20%

Kitty Joy

Colony receives: Advanced windmill

Leonarda Carden

Soldier: Upkeep -60%

Lola Franz

Colony receives: +3000 gold

Maggie Brockman

Colony receives: Thanatos

Martha Artis

Farm: food production increase +20%

Nicolette Linville

Wooden wall: HP +20%

Wooden gate: HP +20%

Noelia Blocker

Technology: Energy tower

Olena Barnhill

All buildings: When destroying building you receive 75% resources back

Rashad Lester

Units: Recruitment time -10%

Rocky Bratton

Colony receives: +40 iron

Sara Stone

Colony receives: +80 stone

Vance Scholl

Colony receives: +120 wood

Veran Knudsen

Colony receives: Lucifer

Level III - 600 colonists

Brandy Tarver

Colony receives: +150 stone

Carol O'Keefe

Technology: Advanced windmill

Dan Juicer

Colony receives: Energy tower (2)

Darrick Messina

Technology: Executor

Del Wilmoth

Lucifer: Upkeep -30%

Deon Vanover

Colony receives: Titan

Domenica Daily

Command center: gold income +80

Fossy Dozier

Colony receives: Advanced windmill (2)

Francesca Eason

Colony receives: Radio tower

Galen Slagle

Colony receives: +80 iron

Janet Mims

Technology: Wire fence

Lawerence Guffey

Colony receives: Executor

Marcellus Quiroz

Technology: Radio tower

Nathalie Lessard

Thanatos: Upkeep -30%

Newton Denton

All buildings: building time -20%

Pamela Stockton

Chata: +1 more workers

Reggie Tyler

Colony receives: Drilling platform

Sven Haraldson

Command center: storage capacity +100

Threya Jolly

Colony receives: +30 oil

Level IV - 1200 colonists

Ambrose Martins

Drilling platform: production increase oil +20%

Brunilda Schrader

Colony receives: +200 iron



Stone house: +2 more workers

Dana Pina

Colony receives: Lucifer (3)

Dannie Treadway

Colony receives: Executor (2)

Eloyse Cowan

Colony receives: Radio tower (2)

Gyna Scoggins

All buildings: Shield increase +20%

Hay Bradford

Advanced windmill: energy production increase +20%

Jamel Cowley

Stone house: gold income +10%

Jökul Kamprad

Command center: storage capacity +200

Les Curtin

Colony receives: Titan (2)

Mason (no data)

Stone wall: HP +20%

Stone gate: HP +20%

(no data)

Colony receives: Energy tower (3)

Mike Mckeever

Colony receives: +100 oil

Oprah Derrick

Titan: Upkeep -30%

Oren Cummins

Colony receives: Thanatos (3)

Roberta Nunes

Advanced farm: food production increase +20%

Shad Worrell

Power plant: production increase energy +20%

Vannessa Rockenstein

Command center: gold income +120

Wildermina Freedman

Colony receives: Wire fence (40)

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